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STLCC-Meramec Chamber Singers Perform in “Holiday Festival of Choirs”

December 16, 2013

Meramec Chamber Singers  
The Meramec Chamber Singers participated in the recent “Holiday Festival of Choirs” in Macomb, Ill.

The Meramec Chamber Singers recently performed at the 20th Anniversary of the “Holiday Festival of Choirs,” held at St. Paul Catholic Church in Macomb, Ill.

The concert, led by James Stegall, professor of music at Western Illinois University, included 10 choirs and more than 250 singers.

In addition to the WIU choirs, choral ensembles of successful alumni from WIU School of Music were invited.

“To receive an invitation from my mentor to be a part of the festival was an honor that left me both excited and apprehensive,“ said Myers, associate professor in music who conducts the chamber singers.  “Performing for Dr. Stegall -- and alongside the nationally-renown WIU University Singers -- is humbling, at best. As an ensemble and as individuals, however, the Meramec Chamber Singers made me exceptionally proud.”

Of the Meramec Chamber Singers’ performance, Stegall said they sang “splendidly and without flaw.” Overall, Myers said that his singers gave “a polished, vibrant and musical performance.”

Myers described the moment of hearing the 250 singers, strings and piano perform while surrounding the audience as “impossible to hold back the emotion.”  He compared the group’s invitation to participate to athletics.

“To perform after a nationally-renowned university choral ensemble is like inviting a community college athletic team to compete against a university team,” he said. “Of course, we would expect the community college team to play its best, but would likely be outmatched. Our students not only ‘played’ their best, but sang like they were on equal footing with one of the best university-level choral ensembles. I received so many compliments from colleagues and the general public about how astounded they were with our students’ tone and musicality.”

The chamber singers will perform again in the Meramec Choral Festival, with guest artist Derric Johnson, at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 21 in the Meramec Theatre on campus, 11333 Big Bend Road.

For more information about Meramec music program or a list of upcoming concerts, email MeramecMusic@stlcc.edu or visit www.stlcc.edu/MeramecMusic.