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STLCC-Meramec Students Create Walking Tour Brochure for City of Kirkwood

November 18, 2013

Brochure design students  
(L-R) Commissioner Mike Lewis, students Irfan Mirza, Brian Grass, Ashley Schepers, Peggy Triska, Willa Allen, Commissioner Judy Ward, students Merrick Felder, Steven Nash, Michael Swoboda and City of Kirkwood staff liaison Amy Lowry at Kirkwood City Hall.

St. Louis Community College-Meramec art students recently completed a project for the City of Kirkwood and the Kirkwood Landmarks Commission. The Graphic Design II and Photo Imaging II students Michael Swoboda, assistant professor in art, designed a brochure detailing historic landmarks on a walking tour of downtown Kirkwood.

“My Graphic Design II students jumped at the opportunity and produced numerous diverse and excellent prototypes over the course of the month-long project,” he said. “The students presented their designs to Landmarks Commissioners in Kirkwood City Hall in December of 2012 and received glowing praise from the audience.”

He added, “My Photo Imaging II students enjoyed the chance to photograph Kirkwood’s beautiful 19th and early 20th century structures. They sought out and photographed 30 historic properties and edited and perfected their images in Photoshop.”

Local officials were impressed by the work presented by Swoboda’s students.

After much collaborative work and refinement, the project culminated during summer 2013. Swoboda said the final brochure draft was so well received that the City of Kirkwood, the Kirkwood-Des Peres Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Kirkwood all sponsored the printing of 5,000 full-color brochures. They now are available at locations around Kirkwood, including City Hall and the Kirkwood-Des Peres Chamber of Commerce.

The Graphic Design II students who worked on the project were Willa Allen, Merrick Felder, Brian Grass, Irfan Mirza, Steven Nash, Ashley Schepers and Peggy Triska.

Photo Imaging II students working on the project were Ron Anderson, Michele Bourdeau, David Engel, Derek Fultz, Naomi Ha, David Preston, Janet Rentrop, Chelsea Self, Jacqueline Smith, Timothy Sullivan, Laura Thake, Max Ward, Karla Adams, Ashley Clark, Joe Bufalo, Tommy Browne, Katherine Cothron, Susan Garrett, Beth Goyer, Morgan Hamby, Sherry Kunst, Kristen Peterson, Barry Steiman, Sam Surgener and Robert Wujcik.

“I would like to thank my outstanding students for their excellent and professional quality work as well as their perseverance in seeing this multi-faceted project through to completion,” said Swoboda.