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Underwood Library at Florissant Valley Gets New Collaborative Tool

October 22, 2013

Students using media:scape® in the Florissant Valley campus library.

The David L. Underwood Library at STLCC-Florissant Valley has a new tech toy.

Staff recently acquired media:scape®, a collaborative station that allows participants to access and share digital information equally, quickly and seamlessly. This station allows up to four people to connect their laptops and co-create content together – not just present and share it.

Most collaborative spaces today support leader-led presentations, where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time. The spaces also provide complicated technologies that are time-consuming to learn and inconvenient to use.

Media:scape® eliminates these obstacles and changes how people access and share information by allowing all participants to contribute their ideas.

“It’s great for working on collaborative presentations and even math problems,” said John Furlong, senior manager of library services at Florissant Valley.“The library invested in media:scape® because it is commonly used in other libraries across the country and our library needed more collaborative tools for the campus community.”

The media:scape® station is located on the second floor of the library.

In addition to media:scape®, the library also has a portable version of the collaborative station. The idea for the portable collaborative station came from Media Services, but Bob Deppen, a campus media specialist, brought it to fruition. “The BoB” is available for use anywhere inside the library and cannot be taken off the premises. 

Furlong said they presented “The BoB” at a "Focus on Success" session, and students were intrigued and excited about the possibilities.

“We encourage faculty to become more acquainted with these collaboration stations so they can encourage students to use these great tools,” he said.