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Photographer Stewart Halperin Lectures at STLCC

October 15, 2013

Halperin group lecture  
Photographer Stewart Halperin (back to the camera) delivers his lecture at Meramec Oct. 2.

Internationally known photographer Stewart Halperin delivered a lecture to an attentive audience at St. Louis Community-Meramec on Oct. 2.

Stewart Halperin  
Stewart Halperin

During the lecture, “Before the Click…Mindful Composition,” Halperin stressed composing the shot before the photo is taken as opposed to using post-production techniques to create a work of art.

The Halperin lecture was sponsored by Kristen Peterson, who is also a photographer and long-time friend of the college. Halperin’s lecture was the first in the Peterson Lecture Series at St. Louis Community College, and presented in conjunction with the St. Louis Community College Foundation.