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Irish Artists to Lecture Thursday At Forest Park

August 29, 2013

Irish artists Carl Giffney and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch will lecture about their work Thursday, Aug. 29, at 5 p.m. in G- Tower, Room 111, at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park, 5600 Oakland Ave. The program is free and open to the public.

They are currently artists in residence at Paul ArtSpace, which is a new artist residency started by STLCC faculty member Michael Behle this year. Located on 5.5 acres of land in Florissant, northwest of St. Louis City, it offers artists in residency a house, studio space, and time to develop their work. The Dublin-based artists are the first two hosted by Paul ArtSpace.

Their collaborative exhibit, titled "Sisyphus Americana," documents Giffney and von Knobloch's journeys around the Midwest with a 500 lb. quartz crystal in the bed of a pick-up truck. The exhibition, in addition to sculptural and video components, includes nine photos.

According to Giffney and von Knobloch, "The series of images are like stills from a road movie that we never made, with the residency and the exhibition we are building a myth about the crystal and its travels."

They also explain how the crystal has been a way for them to better understand America and Americans in contrast to the view of America purported in Europe, noting how "the crystal forced an engagement with the people who came near it. In car parks, shopping malls, bars . . . we were approached by people and used this process to build our picture of this part of America."

You can catch Giffney and Knobloch's show at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, 2713 Sutton Blvd., St. Louis,  through Aug. 31.

Von Knobloch has been a visiting lecturer at Washington University and a visiting tutor at both STLCC-Forest Park and University of Missouri-St. Louis this month.