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STLCC- Florissant Valley Plants Seeds for the Future with Jennings Students

June 13, 2013

Home Plate  
Jennings Middle School students visit Home Plate, the educational sustainable community
garden at Florissant Valley.

Spring has sprung and with it comes new growth and budding opportunities. Students from Jennings Middle School visited St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley on June 5 to tour the campus and explore possible career pathways.

“We are planting seeds for the future,” said Ruby Curry, acting vice president of academic affairs at STLCC. “They are a part of our community, and we want the students to see us as a viable option when they start considering college.”

Approximately 117 students were divided into groups and rotated through hands-on activities on campus.
They were able to participate in biotech/nanotech and physics activities, during which they made a DNA molecule using macaroni, and discussed rocket fuel. During the engineering technology activity, they were shown how to use computer-aided design to print a 3-D object on a 3-D printer.

Eilene Lyons, interim dean for mathematics, science, engineering and technology at STLCC, said it was a true delight to have the students, teachers and staff from Jennings Middle School on campus. “Everyone at Florissant Valley who interacted with the students enjoyed it tremendously.”

Students also had an opportunity to visit the Mobile Tech Center, where they looked at soil types, grasses and made grass heads.

“It was very interesting to watch middle school students make observations at the pond and to see how fascinated they were with dragonfly nymphs, snails and other invertebrates from the net samples,”  said Zoe Geist, STLCC biology instructor.

A Jennings students hits the airwaves at KCFV-FM, the
student-run radio station on campus.

The students visited Home Plate, Florissant Valley's educational sustainable community garden, where they observed native flora and fauna. They learned about composting as well as drip irrigation systems and were able to sample organic vegetables during the tour.

They were given a tour of KCFV-FM, the student radio station, where they learned about audio production and the difference between analog and digital signals. They had an opportunity to do voice-tracking and had a great time on air.   

“The College Prep principal, the board member who volunteered on the trip and all of the staff and students who attended were so impressed with the well-organized, engaging activities the college provided,” said Tiffany Anderson, superintendent of the Jennings School District. “Students had such an enjoyable time.”