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Meramec Typography Student Assignment Featured by Runner's World Magazine

May 28, 2013

Adam Scott C

The letter "C" in Adam Scott's ART:236 assignment. The assignment has gotten the attention of Runner's World Magazine

When you think of typography, the sport of running hardly comes to mind. St. Louis Community College-Meramec student Adam Scott has combined the two into something that people are starting to notice.

It started with an assignment Professor Michael Swoboda gave to his ART:236 Typography students: create a typeface using any medium or method.

“The instructions for the project were very loose, in that we could really do anything we pleased,” said Scott.

Scott, a runner and bicyclist, seized the opportunity to combine his love of running and type for the assignment and was able to create letters from satellite images of his running routes found within his GPS. The letters also include information about the route -- distance, elevation, plus Scott’s time, pace and calories burned on the route.

He included the project in his online portfolio.

“This was one of my projects I thought someone might like to look at. I then posted a link to my portfolio on Runner’s World’s Facebook page, simply because I thought it was running related and people might like to take a look,” he said.

“Within the day, I was conversing back and forth about featuring it on their website. I was elated," he said. "This is the first time I have been recognized for anything I’ve done in graphic design. Within the day, an article was posted on their website and I began to share with all my friends and family.”

It’s not only his friends and family who think this is cool. The article, linked on the Runner’s World Facebook page, has over 280 “likes,” not to mention an additional benefit.

“I have had more hits on my portfolio yesterday than I have had in the entirety of my portfolio being up,” said Scott, “That is very important to me because I would love to get my foot in the graphic design door and start a creative career. A ton of my friends back in Arizona, where I’m from, have been sharing my article with everyone they know and everyone seems to be very receptive.”

After the rest of the letters are complete, Scott hopes to have a coffee table book for himself to share with friends and family, and maybe a wider audience.

“Maybe other people would like it on their coffee tables," he said. “Something for a bit of inspiration when they’re having their morning coffee. I like the fact that people can get something inspiring out of some of my graphic work. I would love for someone to look at the book and be inspired to go for a walk or run. I love that aspect of this project.”

Scott is hoping for the best in terms of his exposure on Runner’s World, as well as the classroom.

“I am planning to continue at Meramec where the classes are small and the teachers are stellar,” he said. “I am hoping the exposure and my continued education through STLCC will aid in landing an internship that will allow me to kick the door wide open and be creative for a career."