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Missouri House Speaker Visits STLCC-Wildwood

May 13, 2013

Tim Jones  
Pictured from left: Lori Kelling, president of the West St. Louis County Chamber; Pam McIntyre, acting president at STLCC-Meramec; Craig Larson, Ed.D., vice chair of the STLCC Board of Trustees; Tim Jones, speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives;  Christine Schwarz, chair of the chamber; and Barry Gernstetter, vice chair of government affairs for the chamber.

Missouri House Speaker of the House Tim Jones (R-Dist. 89) recently spoke at a breakfast sponsored by the West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce to discuss legislative activity prior to the end of the current session.

The breakfast was conducted at St. Louis Community College’s Wildwood campus, which is part of Jones’ legislative district.

Jones noted that community colleges are an important part of a bonding bill he hoped would “get across the finish line.” Jones said both the Missouri House and Senate are working to pass legislation – known as the Career and Technical Education Student Protection Act – that would create a special advisory council to oversee Missouri’s CTE programs. Jones said that the council would develop a long-range strategic plan for career and technical education in Missouri.

If passed, STLCC will have a representative on the advisory group.

“It’s a strategic plan to give resources to alternative sources versus four-year colleges,” Jones said. “I want to make sure every student has the right fit. If it’s a community college, a technical college, they are part of the whole framework. Community colleges are an essential part of the overall program in higher education. I see how community colleges provide more opportunities for people. They complement four-year higher education very well.”