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Forest Park Student Newspaper Earns 23 MCMA Awards

May 03, 2012

Scene award winners  

Members of The Scene newspaper staff at STLCC-Forest Park captured 23 awards at the recent Missouri College Media Association Convention. Pictured are, front row, from left, Bryant Montgomery, James Shelton, Nate Rothwell, Sana Cole, Stacia Doss and Jacob Lucas; and back row, from left, Teri Maddox, Scene adviser; Jammarl Montgomery, Michelle McIntosh and Lance Barnholtz, Scene adviser.

St. Louis Community College-Forest Park’s student newspaper, The Scene, received 23 awards at the recent Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) Conference in St. Joseph, Mo.

MCMA is comprised of student newspapers and yearbooks at colleges and universities across the state. Forest Park is in Division 4 with other two-year institutions.

“The Scene competes with community colleges across the state, so winning this many MCMA awards is a real honor," said Teri Maddox, the Scene's faculty adviser.

Columnist Nathan Rothwell won a first, second and honorable mention for all three “Ruminations” columns he submitted: “Walking Away,” “Teacher’s Day” and “Liar, Liar.”

Jacob Lucas, the managing editor, was excited to receive the good news.

“Although I wasn't able to attend the awards ceremony last month, I still waited anxiously when I knew they were being handed out. I couldn't have been prouder of our staff when I heard how many awards we had won - 23. As I'm sure our previous editor Charon White was as well,” Lucas said.

“Since I have become the managing editor, in the summer of 2011, we have more than doubled the size of our staff, made our home in a new office, dealt with many large difficulties this last year, as well as implemented many new policies with the paper that will hopefully help streamline our process," Lucas added. "Our goal is to put out the best paper possible.” 

The Scene is currently accepting applications for summer positions, and will conduct interviews soon. Contact Maddox at sceneadvisor@gmail.com, or come by the office, F- Tower, Room 408, or call 314-644-9140 for more information. 


Nathan Rothwell, regular column, "Walking Away"
Meredith Mendola, political cartoon, "Liar, liar"
Jammarl Montgomery, Sana Cole and Jacob Lucas, feature page, "Nurse's Obstacles"


Sana Cole, feature writing, "Patient Mannequins"
Lauren Clay, sports writing, "Sports Cuts"
Nathan Rothwell, regular column, "Teacher's Day"
Sheila Shaife, news photography, "Lady Archers"
Jennifer Kulka, feature photography, "Sword Fight"
Meredith Mendola, political cartoon, "Health Mandate"
Stephanie Moore and Bryant Montgomery, photo page, "Craziest Costume"
Stephanie Moore, DeJuan Baskin and Denzel Robinson, sports page, "Archers Games"


Lesa Bush, news writing, "Smoker's Reprieve"
DeJuan Baskin, sports writing, "Archer's Games"
Jacob Lucas, entertainment review, "Saved!"
Stephanie Moore, James Casey, Stacia Doss and Chris Bovance, feature page, "Dental Hygiene"


Tony White, news writing, "Shoe Accident"
Michelle McIntosh, news writing, "Photos Stolen"
Sana Cole, feature writing, "Varner Profile"
Stacia Doss and Charon White, sports writing, "New Mascot"
Denzel Robinson, sports photography, "Hellems Lay-up"
Nathan Rothwell, regular column, "Liar, Liar"
James Shelton, entertainment review, "Grove Fest"
Stephanie Moore and Jammarl Montgomery, page-one design, "Textbook Rental"