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Volleyball Team’s Winter Service Project Hits Close to Home

December 06, 2011

STLCC volleyball team service activity  
Caption: Members of the St. Louis Community College volleyball team participated in a
service project to bake cookies for families that have lost children. The organization was founded in 2004 following the death of STLCC assistant coach Debbi Bronder's daughter.
















Johnna Kinney places a premium on community service for her volleyball players. All of the service projects build character and create a greater sense of community awareness for the student-athletes, as well as assist with team camaraderie, Kinney asserts.

But some service projects are closer to home than others for the St. Louis Community College volleyball coach.

Ky’s Cookie Connection is an organization that was formed in 2004 following the death of Kylene Bronder, the daughter of Kinney’s assistant coach, Debbi Bronder. The organization produces, packages and delivers cookies to families who have lost a child. The trays come adorned with an ornament with the child’s name, birth date and date of death.

Ky's Cookie Connection started with 40 families at its inception in 2004, and has grown to serve 450 families in the greater St. Louis region.

Though Kinney and her players have valued all of their service projects, this one is easy to personalize for the STLCC volleyball program.

“I started getting involved (in 2004), but I soon had the team help since it involves someone directly on our team,” Kinney said.

Kinney’s players gathered at the Florissant Valley campus recently to bake and package cookies to be sent out to families.

Ky’s Cookie Connection is the third community service project the volleyball team has participated in this year.

“I think it’s good for the girls to do that,” Kinney said. “It gets our name out there. I’ve always been active in doing things for the community and it’s just carried over into the team.”

If you would like to donate to the Ky’s Cookie Connection, visit the organization’s website at www.kylene.org or contact it by phone at 314-680-8023.

Preparing cookies takes teamwork.  
Caption: Preparing cookies takes teamwork, as demonstrated by the members of the St. Louis Community College squad.