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STLCC ESL Program Receives Certificate of Excellence

December 09, 2011

St. Louis Community College’s English as a Second Language program has received a Certificate of Excellence from the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), an association within the National Council of Teachers of English.  

Established in 2004, this award honors up to 20 writing programs a year. To be eligible for this award, programs must be able to demonstrate that the program

  • Imaginatively addresses the needs and opportunities of its students, instructors, institution and locale.
  • Offers exemplary ongoing professional development for faculty, including adjunct/contingent faculty.
  • Treats contingent faculty respectfully, humanely and professionally.
    Uses current best practices in the field.
  • Is headed by an administrator (chair, director, coordinator, etc.) who has academic credentials in writing.
  • Uses effective, ongoing assessment and placement procedures.
    Has appropriately sized classes.
  • Models diversity and/or serves diverse communities.

The selection committee noted that the STLCC program has a robust ESL curriculum with attention to authentic writing experiences.

“Our job is to help students develop the language skills they need to achieve their academic and life goals,” said Lisa Wilkinson, assistant professor and ESL coordinator at the college’s Meramec campus. “These required language skills are not limited to writing; however, being able to write in a clear, easily understood way for a variety of audiences and purposes is clearly essential to becoming a fully functioning member of the academic community. Students at all levels of our ESL program engage in extensive reading and writing both inside and outside of their classes.”

STLCC serves a diverse immigrant, refugee and international student population, with students attending from Afghanistan, Bosnia, South Korea, Somalia, Vietnam, Albania, Pakistan, China and other countries. Last year, ESL courses accounted for more than 6,800 student credit hours.

CCCC supports and promotes the teaching and study of college composition and communication by sponsoring meetings and publishing scholarly materials for the exchange of knowledge about composition, composition pedagogy and rhetoric; supporting a wide range of research on composition, communication and rhetoric; working to enhance the conditions for learning and teaching college composition and to promote professional development; and acting as an advocate for language and literacy education nationally and internationally.

STLCC will receive this award at the 2012 CCCC Annual Convention March 23 in St. Louis.