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STLCC Conducts Recycling Events This Fall

August 22, 2011

St. Louis Community College is teaming with the Midwest Recycling Center to sponsor a series of electronics recycling events at various college locations this fall.

STLCC and the Midwest Recycling Center have received a grant from the St. Louis-Jefferson County Solid Waste Management District to help offset the cost of recycling electronics, particularly televisions and computer monitors.

These recycling events will be conducted 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at STLCC locations as follows:

  • Sept. 9 – Joseph P. Cosand Center, 300 S. Broadway (on the Clark Street side of the building)
  • Sept. 24 – Forest Park campus, 5600 Oakland Ave. (Parking Lot
  • Oct. 1 – Florissant Valley campus, 3400 Pershall Road (Parking
    Lot 17)
  • Oct. 8 – South County Education and University Center, 4115 Meramec Bottom Road (Main Parking Lot)
  • Oct. 15 – Wildwood campus, 2645 Generations Drive (Main Parking Lot)
  • Oct. 22 – Meramec campus, 11333 Big Bend Road (Parking Lot A, Big Bend at Couch Avenue)
  • Oct. 29 – Harrison Education Center, 3140 Cass Ave. (Main Parking Lot)

Electronics and anything with a cord will be collected free of charge. Items include computer peripherals, office equipment, cordless and cellular phones, batteries, household appliances, gaming devices and televisions. There will be a limit of two televisions per car.

Nearly 2 million tons of used electronics, including computers and televisions, are discarded each year. An estimated 128 million cell phones annually are retired from use. With an ample supply of newer, faster electronic products on the market, Americans continually replace older models. This trend shows no signs of slowing. As a result, electronics have become one of the fastest growing “waste streams” or portions of trash.

The benefits of recycling are local jobs creation, health and environmental protection by keeping toxic materials out of landfills and the water table, and natural resources conservation.

For more information, contact Peggy Moody at pmoody@stlcc.edu or 314-539-5013.