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Meramec Students Win Midwest Regional IDEC Competition

March 04, 2011

Two students from St. Louis Community College-Meramec, David Burnett and Sandy Chiu, are Midwest regional winners of the prestigious Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Student Design Competition and will move on to the international competition to be held in Denver, CO March 16-19. Two other STLCC interior design students, Kelly Collett and Tricia Bisoux, were given an honorable mention for their design. 

Students were required to work in teams to create a community health center that utilizes a hybrid approach by combining traditional medicine in addition to contemporary treatments. Health care design requires extensive knowledge of building codes, regulatory codes, privacy, security, and human behavior. Students needed to demonstrate knowledge of these issues in their design and create a health care environment where sustainability and inclusive design served as their foundation. 

This was a required project for ART 253, Commercial Interior Design. Students had two weeks to complete the project. During the first week they researched areas in St. Louis that were underserved in terms of health care. During the second week, they worked on implementing their research into their designs. 

David and Sandy chose to focus on the Old North St. Louis area. They created a health care center with a holistic approach to medicine by addressing traditional medicine as well as alternative means to address the diverse population of the area. 

Kelly and Tricia also chose to focus on the North St. Louis area. They designed a health care center that provides residents with high quality health care and mental illness counseling. Their research showed that the lack of mental illness awareness and care is greatly underserved in this area. The overarching goal in their design is to create a foundation of health that will translate into reduced rates of drug addiction, gang violence, domestic abuse, and poverty for this at-risk population.

All four are students of Erin LeClerc and Virginia Heisler.