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STLCC-Wildwood Students Exhibit Art at St. Louis Acura

February 17, 2011

Select pieces by nine art students of St. Louis Community College-Wildwood are on display at St. Louis Acura in Manchester, MO. The partnership was the result of a conversation between Brandy Wise, relationship manager at St. Louis Acura, and Dr. Patrick Vaughn, vice president of Academic Affairs at STLCC, during a West County Chamber of Commerce luncheon last fall. “I’m very happy that the relationship between St. Louis Acura and STLCC-Wildwood has developed as quickly as it has and we are excited about the opportunity for our students to present their work in the Acura showroom,” said Vaughn.

The art was delivered on February 15 and the showroom was buzzing with comments immediately. “All of our staff were talking about it as soon it went up,” said Wise. “Since then, customers have noted that it’s a nice surprise to see art in the showroom. It gives the community a chance to see the work of local student artists and the students a chance to display their talent.”

Mark Weber, chair of Visual and Performing Arts at the Wildwood campus, asked students in his painting and drawing classes to submit art for the exhibit. Many of the students chose their work based on feedback they received in the classroom from other students. The exhibit features artwork of various sizes and media and includes oil pastels, chalk pastels, mixed media, and oil on board, canvas and clayboard. “It’s great that St. Louis Acura is so supportive of the college,” said Kevin Bullock, one of the art students. Jo Jasper Dean and Dion Dion agreed, adding that it was a fabulous opportunity to expose STLCC-Wildwood and the outstanding art program on campus, while at the same time providing students a chance to serve the interests of the community. For many students it was their first time to exhibit art outside of the college and an important step in their path to a career in art.

The exhibit will run through Thursday, Feb. 24 at St. Louis Acura, 13720 Manchester Road, Manchester, MO.