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STLCC presents new podcast series for job seekers

February 23, 2010

St. Louis Community College’s Center for Business, Industry and Labor (CBIL) is offering a weekly series of podcasts to help individuals deal with the practical and psychological issues related to searching for a job in today’s economy.

The series, presented by Barry Schapiro, CBIL’s practice leader for management and team development, has worked extensively with job seekers and helped thousands of people deal successfully with career transitions. This insightful series contains information useful to those who feel their present position may be threatened, as well as those currently dealing with unemployment.

The initial podcast in this series was launched on Monday, Feb. 22. A new podcast will be released each week and feature the following topics:

Easing Family Stress During a Job Search. Examines the many ways that unemployment impacts the entire family and how to best manage family stress during this difficult time. (Feb. 22)

Out of Work – Out of Control. Considers how the loss of job security affects one’s sense of personal control and helps listeners come to terms with those things you can –and cannot – control. (March 1)

Preparing Your Family for Hard Times. Every family can put a plan in place for dealing with the unexpected with these important tips for surviving tough economic times. (March 8)

Looking for a Job While Still Working. Is it really easier to find a job when you already have one?  Discover the pros and cons of searching while you’re still on the job. (March 15)

Seven Tips for Successful Job Interviews. Explores various ways to prepare for and respond to common interview scenarios, including the current trend toward behavioral interview questions. (March 22)

Red Flags in Your Job Search. Helps listeners recognize (and deal with) the symptoms of depression and lowered self esteem that can result from a prolonged job search. (March 29)

The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be. Today’s worker encounters a longer workday and more on-the-job stress than ever before. Learn to identify and cope with common workplace stressors. (April 5)

Additional podcast information and subscriptions to this podcast series are available. To learn more about other CBIL training and consulting services, visit www.cbil.org or call 314-539-5105. For information regarding a job search or assistance in connecting with a career center in the St. Louis area, call 314-539-5481.