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Meramec Welcomes Dr. Allen Johnson

October 09, 2009

Allen Johnson  

Dr. Johnson will sign copies of his books after the

The Meramec Diversity Committee welcomes writer, teacher and well-known public speaker Dr. Allan Johnson to the Meramec Theatre on Thursday, October 15, at 11 a.m., for a free lecture on Unraveling the Knot of Privilege, Power and Difference.

Dr. Johnson is an expert on issues of privilege, oppression, and social inequality. In his lectures, he offers a blend of life experience, humor, social reality, audience participation and clear analysis that opens windows to new and productive ways of thinking and living in the world. 

“Unraveling the knot of privilege begins with getting clear about what privilege really is, about what it’s got to do with each of us, and about how everyone can see themselves as part of the process of change toward something better. Based on more than twenty years of work, I try to chart a course organized around three questions:

• What are we participating in and how are we choosing to participate in it?
• How do typical ways of thinking about privilege blind us to what’s going on?
• What can we do to make a difference?”
Allen Johnson