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Florissant Valley Student Selected to Participate in Francophone Games

October 25, 2009

Tenishia Peart

Florissant Valley student Teneshia Peart was selected to compete in the sixth Francophone Games in Beirut at the Camille Chamoun stadium earlier this month. 

Peart, a Canadian citizen, is a member of the Florissant Valley Fury women’s track team and a general transfer studies student. She is scheduled to graduate from St. Louis Community College in December 2009 and will attend Texas Christian University on a full track scholarship.

"It was a wonderful experience and the people were nice," said Peart. "It was good because it wasn’t only track and field athletes, it was everybody. There were athletes, musicians, artists and story tellers and everyone came together."

The Franco Games is a French event, but was held in an Arab country for the first time since its inception in 1989. James Gillespie, coach of the women’s track team notified Peart that she may be eligible due to her being in the top four of her event, the 100 meter dash. Peart was one of several Canadian students attending school in the U.S. to compete in the games.

"It is a huge honor anytime you to get to represent your country," said Gillespie. "I was all for her [participation] and making the effort, everything possible to make that trip. I think that it is something she’ll never forget and then to come out of it successful, with some level of success, I think that’s even more meaningful for her. She’ll never forget that experience."

Peart 2  
Peart's team accepts first place medals for thier
win in the 4x100 relay. L to r Peart, Genevieve
Thibault, Kimberly Hyacinthe, Chantel Grant.

Peart’s team came in first place in 4x100 race and she placed fifth in the 100 meter dash.

The Francophone games are held every 4 years, with the participation of around 3,000 athletes, youths and artists from 56 French speaking countries and also 14 observer countries. It is a high level sport and art festival and popular event.