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Investing in Education Brings Huge ROI for Honors Program Graduates

May 23, 2009

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If you’re wondering whether investing in an education really pays off, just ask the top award and scholarship recipients at Meramec! According to Eric Meyer, assistant professor of English and coordinator for the Meramec Honors Program, the money, time and effort required to excel in college is a small price to pay for the benefits that top-performing students reap.
“Financially, honors students do very well; they are in a great position to apply for and receive major scholarships. But beyond that,” explained Meyer, “they get a lot more: exceptional learning experiences in classes designed to engage them and challenge them—classes that prepare them for a bright academic future beyond St. Louis Community College.
Notoriety — professors know who they are and take a special interest in their success. Admittance into select organization such as Phi Theta Kappa at the community college level and other scholastic societies that open many doors to advanced study and career opportunities.”

At the Annual Meramec Student Awards Banquet, held May 15, 2009, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Clayton, Meyer was on hand to acknowledge this year’s Honors Program graduates by bestowing traditional medals symbolic of their achievement, which they wore during the 2009 Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 17. Pictured (bottom) with Meyer (sixth from left) are (L to R) Danielle Uding, Austin Tham, Andrea Sunarisa Soen, Lisa Simone, Maggie Schamber, Malachi Rein, Natalie Nash, Aleah Kennedy, Eve Ilves, Robert Haid, Alex Garibay, Ed Cohoon.

Among the more than 100 students honored at the annual Awards Banquet, honors students claimed the following:
PTK president and Honors Program Scholar Eve Ilves (pictured top holding the President’s Merit Award) received a full ride political science scholarship to Washington University. Eve also received the Missouri Regional Distinguished President Award 2008-2009 and the Meramec President’s Merit Award Scholarship. Eve is pictured with (L to R) members of the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees Joann L. Ordinachev, Ph.D.; Libby Fitzgerald; St. Louis Community College Chancellor Dr. Zelema Harris, Ed.D; Board Member Melissa Hattman; and Meramec President Paul Pai, Ed.D.

Eve Ilves and Taylor Williamson were chosen for the Missouri All American Third Team and traveled to Jefferson City with Meramec President Dr. Pai and Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Dr. Kay Blalock to receive their award.
Eve Ilves and Andrea Sunarisa Soen were selected as the JKC campus nominees, allowing them to compete for the National JKC full-ride transfer scholarship. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Meramec honors student Simeona Georgiev (business major) for receiving the prestigious Elizabeth Gray Danforth full-ride scholarship to Washington University! Simeona and Meramec honors student Anan Takroori (engineering major) were two of six STLCC students (district wide) chosen as finalists for the scholarship. Congratulations to both students for making the final cut.

Honors Program graduate Ed Cohoon (history major) received an Elliot Society full-ride scholarship to Washington University—congratulations Ed!
Honors Program graduate Marissa Spencer (geology major) received the Women in Science and Engineering Transfer Scholarship in addition to a substantial merit scholarship from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. Way to go, Marissa!

Congratulations to Honors Program graduates Maggie Schamber (business major) and Andrea Sunarisa Soen (marketing major) who were finalists for the Saint Louis University Honors Program Transfer Scholarship in the amount of $9,500.

Maggie Schamber received both a Merit Scholarship from UMSL that covers 50 percent tuition and a Pierre Laclede Honors College Merit Scholarship for $2500.