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Library Instruction and Scheduling Classes

Working in collaboration with classroom instructors, Library faculty provide a wide range of general and course-related instructional services. Teaching sessions may cover online catalogs, periodical databases, reference materials, Internet resources, search strategies, and/or evaluation of resources. In addition, Library faculty can also assist in developing research assignments that are customized to your course needs.

Scheduling a Library Instruction Class

To schedule a session with Library faculty, it is best to call the Reference Desk at your campus Library at least one week in advance. While we have you on the line, we will be able to immediately verify date and time availability and discuss with you the particulars of your instructional session. You may also e-mail or call your library liaison, if that is your preference, but calling the Reference Desk guarantees immediate verification. Please let us know the name of your course, the number of students, and a telephone number where we can reach you. Also, if we have a copy of your assignment in advance, we can better tailor instruction to your students’ research needs. Classroom faculty are expected to remain with their students during the library instructional session to promote and emphasize the importance of information literacy. When instructors value library research, their students tend to do the same.

Reference Desk telephone numbers

Florissant Valley - x4420 or x4517
Forest Park - x9208
Meramec - x7613
Wildwood - e-mail Abby DeShane at or call x2012.

Designing a Library Assignment

Library faculty are happy to collaborate with you on designing an effective library assignment tailored to your instructional goals and our available library resources. Research indicates that library assignments developed collaboratively by subject and library faculty are most effective. Library "scavenger hunts" and library assignments from course textbooks are rarely effective in teaching research skills. Such assignments can be frustrating for students. For best results, contact a faculty librarian.