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Faces of STLCC

Wildwood Campus

Alex Pearl
Alexandra "Alex" Pearl isn’t like most college students her age. At 20, she’s a first-degree karate black belt and a talented woodworker who can make anything from pens and checker sets, to baseball bat cases, tables and more.
For John Prunty, St. Louis Community College (STLCC) provided a clean slate and an opportunity to put his educational pursuits back on track. Despite struggling to make meaningful connections with his courses and teachers in high school, his experience at STLCC was vastly different.
With creative genius, inspiration and a smartphone, STLCC alum Ricky Montgomery has launched his career as a musician, writer, and producer on a shoestring budget in the way that this 22-year old knows best – digitally.
Without sending a single resume, Montgomery has already been hired by Adult Swim...
Michelle Streiff and Gordy

It started almost three years ago, when her son adopted a dog named Tarkio from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Michelle Streiff started volunteering with the organization when its new Pine Street facility was set to open. Stray Rescue really needed people who could help paint.

Elsa Klarich
What is a girl from West St. Louis County doing in Tanzania? Ask Elsa Klarich, and she’ll tell you that she’s doing exactly what God has intended. From a young age, Elsa wanted to help orphans. When she was 17, she asked her mother if she could fly airplanes. At the time, most people didn’t understand ...
Kelsey Hunter as the character Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket
For Kelsey Hunter, a passion for anime may have sparked an idea for a career path.
“I love anime, manga, video games and pop culture,” said Kelsey in a recent interview. “Anime STL is a great place to meet cool people who share my interests.” It's also a place for Kelsey to investigate...
Sam and Jonathan Klarich
For the sibilings of the Klarich family, starting their college studies at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood is a family tradition. Rachael, the oldest, is studying Portuguese in Brazil through Indiana University and hopes to study law. Elsa, the second oldest, went on to Liberty University in Virginia and is studying to become a commercial pilot. Now it’s time for Jonathan and Sam to move on. But as these brothers embark on a new part of their academic careers, they will be heading...
Debbie Zamora
Debbie Zamora has not taken a traditional path to college. In fact, she had very little faith in the educational system at all until she started at St. Louis Community College. “My family moved a lot when I was younger,” Zamora said. "I went to three high schools, four middle schools and I can’t even remember how many elementary schools I went to.” In the end, she was frustrated and a half a credit shy of obtaining ...
In the third semester of her General Education degree at St. Louis Community College, Jackie Stevens decided to try something different. She flew across the Atlantic to Canterbury, England and enrolled in four classes at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). There she took British History, British Politics and Society, Communication between Cultures and American Cinema. The classes were taught by British instructors and her classmates ...
Jamison Rybak
He’s the redhead that you see sitting at the tutor table. He’s the president of the History Club, a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, and recipient of 2010 Award for Excellence in History. He considers himself an excellent reader and a lover of history. But that’s not always how he defined himself. Before coming to St. Louis Community College, this Minnesota-native was a four-sport athlete, Homecoming King and ...
Dr. Mary Morgan
Her education and careers have led her to Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, California, Indiana, and finally back to St. Louis where she is most at home. Dr. Mary Morgan speaks with excitement and appreciation about the path that brought her to St. Louis Community College, a path that was sometimes windy and took her to unexpected places, but has led her ...
Nina Baumann
Sometimes life doesn’t always go the way you plan. Nina Baumann was enrolled at the University of Missouri-Columbia for her freshmen year when she noticed that she was having trouble taking notes in class. “When I would look over them, there would be all these gaps,” she said. “And I couldn’t figure out what was going on.” Then one day during the summer, she stepped out of her bedroom door and couldn’t remember where she was. “I called my mom and we...
Ryan Bell sings his original rap song to a group of students at the Wildwood campus.
Sometimes his ambition as a musician and his pursuit of a college education has been at odds with one another, but Ryan Bell discovered a unique way to bring them together this fall. And St. Louis Community College played a big role.