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Faces of STLCC

Meramec Campus

Ngohile Yakubu

St. Louis Community College student Ngohile Yakubu could have let fear defeat her. But, in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, Yakubu found the strength to do what she feared she could not. As a result, Yakubu will be attending Saint Louis University next fall to study nutrition and dietetics.

Jeri Schultz
Sometimes, parents really do know what’s best for their kids. Jeri Schultz wholeheartedly concurs.
Dr. Donna Werner
“Expanding minds, changing lives” is not just a mission statement at St. Louis Community College. Dr. Donna Werner, professor of Philosophy at STLCC-Meramec, has taken these words to heart, expanding her own mind and changing her life by setting goals and challenging herself.
Angela Hamilton

South St. Louis native Angela Hamilton grew up in a blue-collar family with three older brothers, spending her youth racing bikes and exploring the overflow tunnels of the River desPeres. As the first in her family to attend college, she is an associate professor of English at St. Louis Community College–Meramec. Hamilton is reaching not only beyond the classroom, but beyond the borders of the United States to educate her students.

Jenna Boyko
While most students come to St. Louis Community College looking to transfer to a four year college, Jenna Boyko came to Meramec with her bachelor’s degree in hand.
Ariana Jordan
For Ariana Jordan, it was love at first sight. - “I was fascinated with this little machine with only 24 keys and no letters,” she recalls of her decision to pursue a career as a broadcast captioner. “Plus, I would have the option to work from home, and it was not a regular 9-to-5 job.”
Linda Hubble
The Meramec campus community is made up of a large and diverse group of people with many talents and abilities. One of those people is Linda Hubble. This part-time faculty and full-time senior instructional designer may be “behind the scenes” of the campus, but her work impacts Meramec students daily.
Dennis Corcoran

Trying to describe Meramec student Dennis Corcoran in a sentence is difficult, but you can be sure that “boring” is not a word you’ll need.

Mary Christman and Kelly Nowacki with friends
Devastated by an earthquake over a year ago, Haiti is a country is in dire need of help. Many people from all over the world travel to Haiti to help. Mary Christman and Kelly Nowacki, both of the Meramec Physical Therapist Assistant program, are two of them.
Jennifer Hayth
Working seven days a week at her burgeoning pet sitting business and raising a family never deterred Meramec student Jennifer Hayth from her dream of a college education.