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A life-long resident of North County gives back to his community

Forrest, Jeff

A degree in business is much more versatile than typically assumed. Besides finance and management, the professional scope for a business degree is rather large and wide, covering careers in retail, manufacturing, health care, international commerce and non-profit organizations.

Jeffrey Phillip Forrest, acting chair of business and economics at Florissant Valley, can attest to that. Forrest ran an import and export company that did business with South Korea and China before switching over to higher education.

Seven years later, Forrest still remains as enthusiastic as when he first started teaching at Florissant Valley. He said his international experience has helped with teaching because the economy is global, and he is able to share first-hand experiences with his students.

“The opportunity to work with students who desire to improve their lives, inspired me to teach,” said Forrest. “The community college provides access to those who would otherwise never receive a college education.” And his actions show that he truly believes in expanding minds and changing lives.

A life-long resident of North County, Forrest earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance at the University of Missouri, and a Master’s in Business Administration at Lindenwood University. Described as an energetic and passionate instructor who genuinely cares for the well-being of his students, Forrest devotes a substantial amount of time to campus initiatives. Some of the committees he serves on include the Global Education Committee, Student Success Committee and the Accelerated Learning Program Advisory Committee.

In addition to teaching, Forrest conducts seminars to help educate and inform the community. The seminars he conducts on campus address issues such as personal finance, identity theft, time management, study skills and team building. “I am grateful for the positive response these seminars have received over the years,” he said.

Some of his greatest accomplishments include being selected by Emerging Scholars as an Instructor who made a difference, serving with the African-American Male Initiative and working with Gateway to College students.  “The opportunity to reach these students is why I prefer to teach at community college as opposed to a four-year institution,” he added.

In his spare time Forrest spends time with his three children, and Sheila, his wife of 20 years. This avid golfer and fisherman is also a minister at the Blessed Hope Bible Church.

What is the best advice you can give to students?

Success in college depends on your ability to manage your time, priorities and relationships. Do this and you will experience success.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I really enjoy being a part of St. Louis Community College and my goal is to do whatever it takes to advance the mission of the college. Therefore, I hope to be in a position that allows me to continue that effort.

By: Rachel Gomez