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Florissant Valley Campus

Heather Allen: Florissant Valley’s Jill of All Trades

Heather Allen

Heather Allen is your quintessential Jill of all trades and queen of some. Her plethora of interests include hunting, biking, wine making, painting, gardening,  tap dancing and even flying helicopters.

Allen truly is "home-grown." She received an associate’ degree in broadcasting from Florissant Valley and a bachelor’s degree in media communication from Webster University. After completing a required full-semester internship at DHTV during her final semester, she was invited to direct a live sports show for the station since her work was so impressive. After graduation, she took flight and worked an assortment of jobs until she landed back at Florissant Valley.

“I had just lost my job as a ground instructor for helicopter piloting and decided to visit my old stomping ground to make full use of the career and employment services offered to students and alumni,” she said. “As karma would have it, I found out about a vacancy in Academic Advising, applied for the position, and was hired shortly thereafter.”

Three years later, Allen now is an essential part of Florissant Valley. 

As the administrative secretary for Continuing Education (CE), Allen loves the fact that CE has something for everyone.

“We have everything from computer training to fitness classes. Chances are, if you have an interest, we have a class for it,” said Allen. STLCC provides up-to-date training in a variety of areas, including computer and technical programs, career development, food service and more.

In addition to her varied interests, Allen loves to travel. “I’ve been to Europe twice and I’ve been to almost every state in the United States. Hawaii and Alaska are still on my list of places to visit.” 

Photo of Heather Allen with her painting

Did you ever think that you would work at the college you graduated from?

I never really thought about working at Florissant Valley until the opportunity came to me. But now that I’m here, I’d love to stay because I love the people I work with and enjoy what I do. 

What are some of your greatest accomplishments in life?

Some of my greatest accomplishments include being married for 10 years, having my private pilot license and biking the entire Katy Trail (225 miles) with my mom last summer.

What’s your next stop?

I think I might pursue farming and complete helicopter school. We’ll see. 

By: Rachel Gomez