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Theatre Specifications

Photo of "Summer 2011 Cast Crew"

Built: 1969   

Square Footage of Building: 19,500

Type: Proscenium   

Measurement of Brick Opening: 36’-1 1/2” w, 20’-0” h

False Proscenium Arch inset in Brick Opening: 4’-1” SR, 4’-1” SL with flush mounted working doors. The doors open upstage. 3’-0” proscenium header suspended from ceiling. This changes the proscenium opening to 27’-11 1/2” W x 17’-0” H. The false proscenium is painted with Rosco Super Sat # 6003 Velour Black.

Fly Space: None  

Traps: None

Wing Space: SR—20’ with no obstructions, SL—10’ with curtain line obstructions and wood storage / piano storage far upstage.

Apron: 13’-0” from proscenium line at center, 40’-0” wide, tapers back slightly on sides. It raises and lowers from stage height to 13’-0” below stage for an orchestra pit. If used as an orchestra pit, a tunnel from back stage left provides access by way of a spiral staircase.

Stairs to Stage: House right and House left, carpeted with hand rails.

House: Seats 322. Accommodations for 5 wheelchairs or larger patron seating in the rear of the house. Three transfer seats—two house right: B10, and L14, one house left: L13. The house is raked slightly. First row of seats is 3’-0” below the height of the apron. Mid house looks eye level to the stage. New carpet installed in 2000. New seats installed in 2001.

For technical information & questions about The Terry M. Fischer Theatre at Florissant Valley, please contact the Theatre Manager at 314-513-4486.