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Grogg Awards

Phil Grogg

The Phillip H. Grogg Award was established in 1983 in memory of Phil Grogg, a student manager of KCFV who died as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident in the fall of 1982. His mother, Norma, sent Phil's un-cashed paychecks back to the college requesting that the funds be used to acquire something for the radio station. Dr. David Harris, the president of the college at that time instead used the funds to start this award to recognize an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in the areas of broadcasting skills and leadership. Currently, the Grogg recipient receives a trophy, a $500 scholarship and his or her name is engraved on a permanent plaque on display in the station.

Each year students involved in the station are asked to nominate the KCFV'er they feel best exemplifies the award. The faculty advisor and station manager then reviews the nominees and selects three finalists. From these finalists, the winner is then selected and is revealed in a ceremony held in the spring. The two finalists not receiving the award are given plaques and a $100 scholarship for their recognition.

Winner of Grogg award  
2012 Gogg Winner Paul Langdon
Photo by Bradley Rayford

Below are the Phillip H. Grogg award winners:

2014 Sabrina Reitmeyer
2013 Michael Cave
2012 Paul Langdon
2011 Topher Schaller
2010 Jeff Siler
2009 Barry Yoakum
2008 Shontea Stricklin
2007 Lou Conrad
2006 Tim Gorry
2005 Michael Grayson
2004 Nick Bruns
2003 Marc Wallace
2002 Laura Brahan
2001 Jean-Paul Soto
2000 Josh Waller
1999 Tim Howard
1998 Connie Quinn
1997 Jason Dickman
1996 James Campbell
1995 Charles Lurks
1994 Matthew Kerns
1993 Allen Westenbarger
1992 Robert Levy
1991 Kevin Koop
1990 Marty Linck
1989 David Halloran
1988 Dennis O'Loughlin
1987 Jerry Prsha
1986 Timothy Board
1985 Angie Saunders
1984 Sherman Wise
1983 Jeff Davis