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KCFV-FM 89.5 the Wave

KCFV Logo  

On April 17, 1972, KCFV-FM signed on the air at 89.5 on the FM dial with 10 watts of power. KCFV-Ferguson was initiated by three students who approached the president of the college about the possibility of having a federally licensed station. Now operating at 100 watts of power, KCFV’s personnel are Mass Communications students who volunteer their time or earn college credit. The station is part of an Associate of Arts program designed to transfer to a four year college or university. For more information about an AA degree in Communications, check out the description located in the degree description.

The purpose of KCFV is to provide a facility which serves as a learning laboratory for students who wish to gain hands on experience in the radio broadcasting industry while serving as a public relations and community service medium for the Florissant Valley campus and the St. Louis Community College District.

In keeping with the college’s mission, KCFV strives to offer programming representative of the St. Louis community. News, public affairs and sports programming, centered on events unique to North County and Florissant Valley in particular, offer a diverse selection of educational opportunities to students and provide a service to listeners unable to find this type of programming on commercial stations in St. Louis.