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Many opportunities exist for students to enhance their academic experiences as well as contribute their talents and skills to the Florissant Valley campus and to their fellow students.

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) provides an innovative learning environment for highly motivated, working adults whose hectic personal and work schedules make it impossible to attend school full time. Students can earn an Associate in Arts degree in General Transfer Studies in just two years by attending class one night a week. ALP is made up of nine learning modules consisting of linked courses in which the content is integrated and taught by a dynamic team of faculty. Written and oral communication skills are emphasized throughout the program. Classes meet on Tuesday evening. Prospective ALP students should have a high school diploma or GED, be academically ready to take college-level English and College Algebra, and be minimally proficient in the use of the Internet.
Contact: Chris Stephens, 314-513-4289, cstephens@stlcc.edu.

Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who serve as representatives of Florissant Valley and provide service by assisting with campus events and activities, conducting campus tours, making presentations to school groups, and serving as role models and mentors for new and prospective students. Ambassadors are trained in communication and presentation skills to prepare them for their roles.
Contact: Janice Fitzgerald, 314-513-4238, jfitzgerald@stlcc.edu.

The Peer Leader program allows students to serve as coaches for new Florissant Valley students. Peer Leaders visit academic orientation classes and talk about what it takes to be successful in college; assist with events such as New Student Orientation, Focus on Success Days and College Success Seminars and create and implement other activities that promote student success.
Contact: Dwayne Morgan, 314-513-4323, dmorgan12@stlcc.edu.

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program has helped more than 9,000 students succeed in high-risk courses, including Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Calculus I, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Psychology, and Sociology. SI is a non-remedial academic assistance program that increases student academic performance and retention through the use of SI leaders; regularly scheduled out-of-class, peer-facilitated study sessions; targeted high-risk courses instead of high-risk students; and active engagement of students in the learning process by integrating good study habits into all subject areas. Study sessions are scheduled at times most convenient for students and held in the Academic Support Center, conveniently located in the Student Center near the bookstore.
Contact: Linda Schmitt, 314-513-4647, lschmitt@stlcc.edu

The Academic Support Center offers personal assistance to students in mathematics, science, engineering, writing, language, speech, and supplement classroom instruction. Students may use these labs on both an informal, walk-in and appointment basis.
Contact: Dobbie Herrion, 314-513-4858, dherrion@stlcc.edu.