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Faculty and Staff

The Child Development Center (CDC) has a full-time director and an assistant director who serve as the curriculum coordinators. Additionally, the center employs a nurse during the daytime hours to provide daily health checks, a food service specialist to plan menus, and support staff to assist with the various needs of the center.

Classroom teachers have diverse and appropriate educational backgrounds and experiences. Teacher's degrees range from associate to master's. Minimum qualifications for all of our teachers are an associate degree plus three years of experience. We also have part-time child care attendants with associate degrees or child development associate credentials.

In our function as a laboratory center, we will have early care and education majors in the classroom learning how to work with young children. They are under the teacher's guidance and supervision while providing appropriate activities for children to experience.

We also participate in STLCC's work-study program. This federally-funded program places college students with various majors in work sites on campus. These students assist our teachers in many ways while gaining valuable work experience.

All adults who work in the CDC are asked to submit annual results of a tuberculin test, proof of the Hepatitis A vaccine, and a physical examination prior to beginning their work at the center. All staff also are required to have on file a child abuse and neglect/criminal record check completed by the Missouri State Highway Department.

Our teaching staff together, with college students, allows the center to maintain an excellent adult-child ratio and provide appropriate learning experiences for students and children alike.

Faculty and Staff

Child Development Center Staff
Mary Krogmeier, CDC Director
Phone: 314-513-4523
E-mail: mkrogmeier@stlcc.edu

Renee Mayse, CDC Assistant Director
Phone: 314-513-4574
E-mail: rmmayse@stlcc.edu

Noelia Quiroz, CDC Secretary
Phone: 314-513-4525
E-mail: nquiroz@stlcc.edu

Anita Hamilton, CDC & ECE Secretary
Phone:  324-513-4525
E-Mail: alhamilton@stlcc.edu

Deborah Weaver, CDC Nurse
Phone: 314-513-4524
E-mail: dweaver@stlcc.edu

Early Childhood Education Faculty
Irene Kalmer, Professor/Family and Consumer Science Department Chair
Phone: 314-513-4708
E-mail: ikalmer@stlcc.edu

Donda Miller, Associate Professor
Phone: 314-513-4061
E-mail: ddmiller@stlcc.edu

Richard Cohen, Associate Professor
Phone:  314-513-5402
E-mail: Rcohen10@stlcc.edu