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Safety Procedures

Campus police strongly suggest that all students, faculty and staff review safety procedures. 

Actions that faculty, staff and students should take: 

  • In general, you should remain alert in any area while on campus after dark.
  • Take note of any unfamiliar or suspicious person, and if you feel uncomfortable, either leave the area quickly or call Campus Police at 314-513-4300; 314-513-4062 after hours; or by Emergency Call Box. 
  • If you are unsure about going to your car alone, walk with classmates or coworkers or you can call Campus Police and they will provide an escort for you. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Campus Emergency Call Boxes. You can spot them by a blue light.

Emergency Call Box Locations

  • College Police Building
  • Tennis Court
  • Training Center Entrance
  • Theatre Building, north and west ends
  • Communications building, Lot P-5
  • Social Science Building, at bus stop
  • Engineering Building
  • Science/Math Building North, Lot P-11
  • Science/Math Building South, Lot P-13
  • Physical Education Building, Lot P-8
  • Track, inside entrance gate
  • Parking Lot P-17

How to Use an Emergency Call Box

    1. Push the red button to notify Dispatcher.
    2. Wait for response: "This is the Campus Police."
    3. Press the red button to talk and release to listen.
    4. Wait at the Call Box and an officer will immediately assist you.