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Emergency Kits

Risk Management has provided an Emergency Kit for each building on the Florissant Valley campus, which contains items useful for any type of emergency that might occur. 

The Emergency Kit contains the following items:

  • One 'D' cell flashlight and batteries
  • Barricade tape (for cordoning off dangerous areas)
  • Work gloves
  • Hard hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust masks
  • Magic marker
  • Whistle
  • Orange safety vest
  • CPR Microshield 
  • First Aid Kit

Building  Location Room #
Service  Plant Office West Wall
Child Dev. Cntr Receptionist/Office (under desk)
Communications North Comm. North Office 116
Communications South Comm. South Office 144
Humanities Humanities Office 130
Social Science Social Science Office (under Sec.desk)
Student Center Student Life Office (coat closet)
Instructional Resources I. R. Office 213
Administration Registration 117 (vestibule)
Physical Education PE Staff/Faculty Lounge 219
Business Business Office 239 (lounge)
Engineering Engineering Office E151R
Engineering Nursing Department E247
Science/Math Science Office 204
Science/Math Math Office 282
Theatre Green Room