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Campus Administration

pending, Provost
Phone: 314-513-4135
E-mail: rcurry@stlcc.edu

Stephen White, Dean/Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
Phone: 314-513-4385
E-mail: swhite324@stlcc.edu

Jeff Forrest, Acting Dean/Business and Human Development
Phone: 314-513-4547
E-mail: jpforrest@stlcc.edu

Janice Nesser-Chu, Acting Dean/Liberal Arts
Phone: 314-513-4861
E-mail: jnesser@stlcc.edu

Kedra Tolson, Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 314-513-4221
E-mail: ktolson@stlcc.edu 

Douglas Mahoney, Manager/Business Services
Phone: 314-513-4204
E-mail: dmahoney@stlcc.edu

Terri Buford, Chief/Campus Police
Phone: 314-513-4297
E-mail: tbuford1@stlcc.edu

John Ferlisi, Facility Manager
Phone: 314-513-4362
E-mail: jferlisi@stlcc.edu

Adria Werner, Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 314-513-4208
E-mail: awerner@stlcc.edu