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C Circle is scheduled to reopen by Aug. 15. The final repair and clean-up operation is underway.  

Access to the stairs from C Circle and to the first level of
C Tower is currently unavailable. ADA access is available through the Student Center.

Additional handicap accessible parking spaces are available on either side of the Hospitality Building.



Forest Park is the district's city campus, conveniently located on Highway 40 (I-64) across from the world-famous St. Louis Zoo and 1,293-acre city park. The campus is adjacent to several other major health, cultural and educational centers, such as the St. Louis Science Center, Saint Louis University High School and the BJC medical complex.

Forest Park is Missouri's leading provider of health technology training, offering 13 medical programs, ranging from Funeral Services and Diagnostic Medical Sonography to Dental Hygiene, Nursing and Health Information Technology.

Forest Park also is the premier trainer for the hospitality industry in
St. Louis, offering programs in Hotel/Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts and Tourism. The campus houses a $5 million Hospitality Studies center as well as a Center for Emerging and Advanced Information and Technology. 

Global education is a major focus for this cosmopolitan campus, which won a 2008 innovation award from the Institute of International Education at the United Nations. About 10 percent of the student population is international -- from 80 countries speaking more than 60 languages. Forest Park also supports the William J. Harrison Education Center in North St. Louis, offering credit and non-credit courses and contractual training.