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Campus Life

Campus Life
Student Center, SC-101A
     Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
     Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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Campus Life enhances and supports the educational mission of St. Louis Community College and Student Affairs through the creation and execution of co-curricular programs, activities and experiences that further student learning.

We provide an avenue for students to bring their educational goals, personal development aspirations and other interests outside of the classroom to fruition.

Students are encouraged to become involved in activities that will allow them to contribute their talents and skills to the college. All eligible STLCC students are welcome to take advantage of leadership opportunities by engaging in college approved civic activities and service projects. These opportunities are available through the Student Government Association (SGA), clubs, organizations, honorary societies and student publications. We also facilitate scheduled New Student Orientation presentations and performances.

We also sponsor and assist academic departments with academic success projects, health awareness programs, discussion groups, lectures, special presentations, exhibits and artistic performances.

Forest Park Student Clubs and Organizations

Business Club
     David Juriga - 314-644-9753
     Jeffrey Jones - 314-644-9080
     Aaron Reeves - 314-644-9757

Our mission is to provide STLCC students with a platform for exploration of topics of interest in commerce, trade,  technological innovation and entrepreneurship. We deliberately seek the partnerships with area businesses for networking, workshops and internships. As a member you will gain leadership experience  through community services and group projects.

Camera Club
Jamie Kreher and David Moore, Sponsors

The Forest Park Camera Club is a student organization  committed to the enhancement of the photography and video art programs at STLCC on the Forest Park Campus. We promote camera-based work in the fields of photography, digital imaging and video.

Chemistry Club
Joe Wilson, Sponsor

The club will foster a professional spirit among the members providing opportunities for keeping abreast of scientific development and literature.

Chess Club
Tom Zirkle
and Tom Rogers, Sponsors

Our mission is to provide a welcoming place where students can practice playing chess—or even learn to. We will share ideas regarding tactics, strategy, chess notation, competition psychology, and the lessons that chess holds for life.

Clay Club
Matthew Isaacson, Sponsor                                     

The Clay Club is committed to the enhancement of the ceramic arts programs at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park and aims to enrich classroom learning experience.

Creative Club
Donivan Foster
and Kimberly Love-Austin, Sponsors

Our mission as the Creative Team is to help great ideas and projects become tangible solutions to everyday problems.

Cuisine Club
Casey Shiller, Sponsor

Our club is designed to cover the social needs of the college’s busy culinary students. They sharpen their skills socially and professionally in the areas of baking and pastry and the culinary arts.

Dental Hygiene Club
Kim Polk
, Sponsor

Our mission is to grow and sustain the art and science of the dental hygiene profession. We aim to promote and improve the health of the public.

Disability Awareness Club
Lallie B. McDonald
, Sponsor

Normal is overrated! We are an all-inclusive and friendly club for people with different types of disabilities. Our mission is to bring awareness to classmates and friends about our differences, abilities and the challenges we experience daily. Anyone can join us! Our club is open to all those who support our mission.

EC2 Early Childhood Educators Circle
Dahna Willis, Sponsor

ECĀ² is dedicated to  providing support and advocacy for students and educators in early care and education.

Exploring Power in Change (EPIC)
Barbara Harris
, Sponsor

While supporting our school and our community, our intent is to be a unified team that brings a style of dance and step to Forest Park campus that is professional, technically well-executed, original and entertaining.

Fine Arts Club
Yingxue Zuo
, Sponsor

Our mission is to promote the advancement of traditional and nontraditional fine art on Forest Park campus.

Global Faith Community
Erica Li
, Sponsor

Health Information Management and Coding Club
Patricia Sherman
and Erica Li, Sponsors

Our group provides enrichment and support to students currently in HIT and MBC programs. We seek to attract potential students and employers who wish to connect with our program.

Human Services Club    
Angela Roffle and Cecilia Johnson, Sponsors

This club provides a forum for international students to meet for mutual interest and support. It also provides counsel and orientation to American culture and college life.

International Club
Keith Hulsey, Sponsor                                   

This club provides a forum for international students to meet for mutual interest and support. It also provides various counsel and orientation to American culture and college life.

Leadership Development Team
Donivan Foster
and Kimberly Love-Austin, Sponsors

Our mission is to develop principled, articulate, and goal oriented leaders by helping students build leadership skills through communication, fiscal awareness, delegation, and coordination of event and group programming.

Missouri Association for Social Workers (MASW)
Angela Roffle, Sponsor

It is the mission of MASW to provide the leadership, research, education and advocacy to improve public policies and programs impacting the health and welfare of all people in Missouri.

Phi Theta Kappa Society
Sandra Knight, Sponsor                         

The mission of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of the Two-Year College is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. Students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and 12 credit hours of college-level courses are automatically sent invitations to membership each Spring and Fall semester.

Radiology Club   
Rebecca Northern, Sponsor

The purpose of this club is to provide support and aid in the educational advancement of radiography students at STLCC-Forest Park. Students will participate in community service projects, fundraisers and the annual state conference.

Respiratory Therapy Student Association
Lindsay Fox, Sponsor

Our mission is to provide beginning and graduating respiratory therapy students at STLCC-Forest Park with academic support and aid. We aim to improve the quality of patient care administered by emerging respiratory therapy professionals.

The Scene Newspaper
Teri Maddox, Advisor

The student newspaper for the St. Louis Community College-Forest Park campus. Visit us online.

Student Government Association (SGA)
Donivan Foster and Kimberly Love-Austin, Sponsors                                 

Our mission is to act as the official voice for all students. SGA provides the vehicle for communication between students and administrators. We represent the interest of students in the decision making process by attaining and maintaining student representation on college committees. SGA encourages and develops programs that are beneficial to the education, welfare and growth of the students and community.

Student Association of Women in Community College (SAWCC)
Nicole Myers and Adrienne Smith, Sponsors

Student Nurse Association
James Shockley and Sandra Hall, Sponsors

The Student Nurse Association is organized to promote interest among nursing students, and to encourage formal discussion of any and all areas affecting the nursing student at STLCC-Forest Park.

Students Supporting Students
Wayne Jones
, Advisor, and Brenda French, Sponsor

Our mission is to develop and enhance the health, safety and well- being of Forest Park’s student population by providing peer counseling, support and mediation.

Surgical Technology Club
Stacy Boedecker, Sponsor                                   

This club is designed to prepare students to enhance their basic education by meeting and comparing experiences from various clinical areas. In addition, it motivates and encourages students to attend workshops and institutes dealing with operating room technology.

Veterans' Club
Mike Downey and Tracy Carpenter Bond, Sponsors
314-644-9276 and 314-539-5441

The club has been established to provide a social group to assist veterans to adjust to civilian life and to support success their college endeavors.

Nakita Anthony
and Kirk Martin, Sponsors
314-644-9676 and 314-644-9718

St. Louis Community College-Forest Park’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning alliance for students.
Discrimination comes from ignorance but acceptance comes in all colors.” – Voices