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Event Management System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are classrooms assigned?
A. Classrooms are assigned to Academic Departments for scheduling classes by the master scheduler for Course and Event.  Assignments are made through a combined analysis of historical use, availability of overall instructional space, and academic department needs. The classroom assignments pertain only to master schedule events.

Q. How do I reserve a room for a meeting or another event?
A. See the "Room Bookings" section.

Q. How can I find out information regarding a College Facility?
A. Building Summaries, campus maps, and space plans are available via the web.  Log into EMS and click on Browse.

Q. What are the priorities of EMS with respect to available space?
A. Room are reserved based on first come first served process.  Please make sure you submit your request as soon as possible to ensure getting the desired space.