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Event Management System

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Below are the list of contacts information related to room academic scheduling, bookings and rentals.

General Event Coordinators - (P) Primary - (S) SecondaRy

Name Location Contact Information
Judy Koenig (P) Corporate College 314-539-5303
Tiffany Bates (S) Corporate College                   314-539-5158
Karen Wade (P) Florissant Valley 314-513-4494
Sharon Simmons (S) Florissant Valley 314-513-4214
Keisha Robinson (P) Forest Park / HEC 314-644-9045
Marla Bowers (P) Forest Park / HEC 314-644-9168
Sarah Reed (S) Forest Park / HEC 314-644-9169
Marilyn Souchek (P)      Meramec 314-984-7762
Cathy Bramlett  (S) Meramec 314-984-7640
Patricia Duffin (S) Meramec 314-984-7564
Julie Loyet (P) SCEUC 314-984-7204
Kathy Pritchard (S) SCEUC 314-984-6758
Judy Brouk (P) Wildwood 636-422-2240
Yolanda Adams (S) Wildwood 636-422-2200

Rental coordinators - (P) Primary - (S) SecondaRy

Name Location Contact Information
Judy Koenig Corporate College 314-539-5360
Vicki Kettenacker (P) Florissant Valley 314-513-4204
Jennifer Orzel (S) Florissant Valley 314-513-4201
Marie McCool Florissant Valley - Theatre      314-513-4486
Ena Primous (P) Forest Park 314-644-9167
Marla Bowers (S) Forest Park 314-644-9168
Tim Daly Forest Park - Theatre 314-644-9386
Vicki Kettenacker (P)    Meramec 314-984-7729
Patti Bossi (S) Meramec 314-984-7668
Richard Willmore Meramec - Theatre 314-984-7264
Judy Brouk (P) Wildwood 636-422-2240

Academic Master Schedulers - (P) Primary - (S) SecondaRy

Name Location Contact Information
Melanie Stegeman Districtwide - Credit Schedule 314-539-5303
Marie Peters Districtwide - Continuing Ed 314-539-5747
Shandra Walker (P) Florissant Valley 314-513-4208
Karen Wade (S) Florissant Valley 314-513-4494
Patricia Buchanan (P) Forest Park / HEC 314-644-9747
Joan Williams (P) Meramec 314-984-7679
Julie Loyet (P) SCEUC 314-984-7204
Lauren Palenchar (S) SCEUC 314-984-7203
Yolanda Adams (P) Wildwood 636-422-2200
Judy Brouk (S) Wildwood 636-422-2240
Janet Fleming Continuing Ed 314-539-5748