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Event Management System

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Academic Master Schedule

Event Management System (EMS) is a student centered scheduling solution to provide optimal “classroom” utilization to conducting classes. It was primarily implemented to maximize the effective use of classrooms and associated student use rooms throughout the district. It provides automated room scheduling capabilities and room utilization reporting. 

Academic department representatives continue to build their department's schedule directly into Banner.  The academic deans are provided with information on general purpose classrooms as usual.  EMS system is integrated with Banner and synchronize the classroom assignments hourly between the systems.

The District Registrar synchronize each term into EMS for the Campus Master Scheduler Builders to review and resolve conflicts and to assign all classrooms according to departmental allocations. 

Campus Master Schedule Builders are responsible for optimization and publishing the term. The primary responsibility of the Campus Master Schedulers is the preparation and management of the Academic Facility Master Schedule. This function is an ongoing process throughout the year as one schedule is executed while others are being developed. They works with academic division to determine realistic needs for instructional space and with Facilities to determine what spaces will be affected by renovation schedules.

Division Schedule Builders are responsible for setting building, room, and feature preferences or requirements on each course so the Campus Master Schedule Builder can optimize all courses for the campus and publish the term. 

Faculty who wish to move the regular meeting location of any course must contact the Campus Master Schedulers. 

District Registrar:

  • Melanie Stegeman - Credit Schedule
  • Marie Peters - Continuing Education Schedule

Campus Master Schedulers:

  • Keisha Robinson - Forest Park 
  • Sharon Simmons - Florissant Valley
  • Shandra Walker - Florissant Valley
  • Joan Williams - Meramec 
  • Julie Loyet - SCEUC
  •  Kathy Pritchard - SCEUC
  • Yolanda Adams - Wildwood
  • Judy Brouk - Wildwood
  • Janet Fleming - Continuing Education

Academic classes have already been entered into the system.  You can add media services to your class using the following link: https://www.stlcc.edu/Libraries/SSL/IRMediaRequest/index.asp