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Online Learning

Online learning allows students to take classes at times and places convenient to their schedules.

Teaching and learning take place via Web-based instruction (Internet/Blackboard) and e-mail.

The types of online learning courses offered are:

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How To Register:
Students may register for online learning classes just as they would for traditional classes -- online, by mail or fax, or in person at one of the four campuses -- Florissant Valley, Forest Park, Meramec or Wildwood. The interactive class schedule allows you to browse for online learning classes by searching for schedule or session type – detailed instructions (936 KB PDF).


Students are required to have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection to participate in online learning courses. Your computer should be in good operating order, with recent system and Internet browser upgrades. Following are the recommended computer system requirements to operate in Blackboard, STLCC’s course management system:

  • Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8;  Mac OS X 10.6 +
  • Hardware: 2 GB of RAM, 5G of free disk space
  • Software: Microsoft Office or Office Readers, Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Browser: Sun Java 1.6 and above, cookies must be enabled, must support 128bit SSL encryption 
  • Internet Connection: Broadband preferred

Individual courses may have software and/or hardware access requirements as well, i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, webcams, etc.  Please check the course notes on the interactive schedule or contact the instructor.


You can use the advance filter to quickly find all the available online courses. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to the interactive schedule
  2. Select the term of interest
  3. Place a check mark in the box before "All Locations"
  4. Click on the plus sign before "Advance Search" (blue bar)
  5. Click the down arrow next to "Schedule Type"
  6. Select "Online"
  7. Click the "Display Classes" button (at the bottom of the page)

For more information, or to log in to Blackboard, go to Blackboard.


St. Louis Community College offers free e-mail accounts for all current credit students through my.stlcc.edu student e-mail. This e-mail account serves as the official means of communication with St. Louis Community College. Students must activate their my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account in order to receive correspondence from their instructors. Just follow the instructions on Getting Started.