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Online Registration Help

View and select classes, register, and pay all online.
View and select classes, register, and pay all online.


Using the new online registration system

1. Select Explore Our Classes from http://STLCC.edu/CE

2. Select your Area of Study by clicking on the name of the course area.

3. Find your course. Courses are listed in class number order (e.g., Anim-702, Anim-703, etc.). Click on the class number bar to view additional class information (description, meeting times, location, and fees).

4. Review and confirm the description, meeting date(s) and time(s), location, instructor(s) and fees. To enroll for that class, click the ADD TO CART button. A pop-up will confirm “Item has been added to your cart”.

5. You may register for up to 10 classes at a time. To register for more than 10 classes, you will need to complete the purchase of the first 10 classes, log off and log in again to register for additional classes.

6. Once you have selected all of the classes you want:
• Click on Shopping Cart at the upper right corner of the page.
• Confirm your courses are correct.
Note: You may continue shopping by clicking the (X) for “exiting” at the top of the Shopping Cart window or clicking return to shopping under the Checkout button.
• Select remove to delete any unwanted classes.
• Click the Checkout button when you are ready to purchase the listed classes.

7. First-time users will need to create an account.
• Fill in your first name, last name, and email address (all fields are required).
• Click the New Account button.
• If you have already created an account, click the Sign-In button instead to enter your username and password and skip to the Payment screen.

8. Complete the required information on the Your Details screen. Select your title and add your birth date.
•To read the Terms and Conditions, click on the link.
• Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box.
• Click the Next button.

9. Complete the required information on the Choose Username & Password screen. You will use this username and password to access your class information at a later time or to register for future classes.
• Your username auto-populates as your personal email address but it is recommended to change this to a different username.
• Use the criteria described to create your Password.
• Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password box.
• Choose a Security Reminder Question and enter the answer in the Answer and Confirm Your Answer boxes.
• Click the Next button.

10. On the Address screen, please complete the required fields. Click the Next button when complete.

11. Confirm the fees due for the selected classes on the Payment screen. This is an overview only. Click the Next button when ready to pay.
• Senior fees will be adjusted at checkout.

12. Type in card number on the Account Information screen and Continue. Only Debit or Credit cards are accepted.

13. Complete the remaining Cardholder Billing Information as required. Click Continue.

14. Confirm the information and click Submit Payment to proceed.

15. Confirm that the Payment screen indicates the payment has been successfully processed. Click the Next button.

16. The Complete screen will indicate a successful registration. The screen appears in a printable format confirming registration details.
Congratulations! You have successfully registered!