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Courses offered by the Broadband Technology Opportunity Grant

Basic Computer Skills 1:

This course is geared for persons coming back to computers as well as persons starting for the first time. Learn about hardware vs. software, the computer parts, basic computer terminology, and other essentials to know about the computer. You will get hands on experience setting up a desktop computer.

Basic Computer Skills 2:

This course provides information about getting acquainted with getting on the computer and knowing the desktop attributes as well as learning the new desktop features on Windows 7.

Basic Computer Skills 3 - Introduction to the Internet and E-mail:

The class starts with the basics of the Internet. Learn about surfing the Internet, search engines as well as other key items about the Internet. In addition, learn how to set up an e-mail account and send emails to all your friends.

Computer Safety:

Learn how to safeguard your home computer from viruses and spyware. Learn computer safety tips on how to avoid the things that can infect your computer and great tips on how to keep it safe. 

Creating Your Resume:

(Students will receive one flash drive to store their resume)

In this course the participants will be introduced to a variety of resume types, critical information to have on the resume, samples of cover letters and the need for having several resumes and cover letters that are specific to a position. This course is going to provide the participant the tools needed to write their own resume.

Introduction to Google:

This course will introduce the user to all the products that Google has to offer. Learn how to setup a Gmail account, how to search efficiently for what you're looking for and more.

Introduction to Laptops:

Learn how to use a laptop. Learn about the different features of a laptop and what components you want to consider if you are buying one. Learn what Wi-Fi is and how to connect your laptop. Learn how to locate a Wi-Fi 'hotspot' so that you can connect to the Internet. Proper maintenance of a laptop will also be covered.

Introduction to Microsoft Word:

The basic concepts of word processing will be covered. Learn how to open, create and save documents in Microsoft Word. 

Introduction to Microsoft Excel:

The basic concepts of a spreadsheet and why they are used will be covered. Learn how to open, create and save simple spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint:

The basic concepts of PowerPoint and uses will be covered.  Go through the steps of choosing styles, creating a simple Power Point and saving it.

Introduction to Social Networking:

Learn to stay connected to family and friends using social networking on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Keyboarding and the Mouse:

Students that want to enhance their computer typing skills. Students will learn to be more comfortable and familiar with the computer keyboard through Keyboarding Basics and Mouse Exercises.

Learn Basic Computer Games:

Practice navigating the internet and using the mouse and keyboard while having fun playing games. 

Putting your digital photo's online:

Learn how to transfer your photos safely from your camera to your computer. A number of photo storage sites will be discussed with hints to help you decide which site is best for your needs. Learn how to share your online photos with friends and family.

Selling Your Treasures Craigslist:

Learn the history of craigslist; how to setup an account and what categories are available. Learn how to purchase an item and how to place items for sale.

Successfully Completing the Online Job Application:

This class is designed to give our unemployed population new tools to assist them in their job search.  Stepping through completing an on-line application, creating, storing and saving important documents needed in applying for positions. Learn what online tools and resources are available in the St. Louis area.