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Animal Welfare Assistant Certificate Program Classes

These classes can be taken individually, or as part of the Animal Welfare Assistant Certificate Program for initial training and preparation for work in a range of public and private animal welfare agencies and organizations.  Presented in partnership with the APA of Missouri, Humane Society of Missouri, and St. Louis County Animal Care & Control.

Career and Volunteer Opportunities in Animal Welfare Agencies
Animals are wonderful! If you agree, you may have thought about working with them (or for their welfare). If you’ve considered the possibility of a career or volunteer position in the wide world of animal welfare  but aren’t sure where you fit into the picture, this class can help you sort through the possibilities. You’ll learn about the personal rewards and benefits of working directly with animals as well as things you can do indirectly (and locally) for their benefit.

Animal Welfare and the Humane Movement
What does the term “animal welfare” bring to your mind? There are different facets of “animal welfare,” and the work of animal welfare agencies in the St. Louis metro area are built on different viewpoints. In this class, you’ll get insight into the history of the animal welfare/humane movement in the United States and where we are today. We’ll also trouble-shoot community animal welfare needs and possible solutions.

Getting to Know Us: St. Louis Animal Welfare Organizations
St. Louis has many large and small organizations of all types involved in animal welfare activities, such as rescues and shelters, adoptions, pet food pantries, emergency and investigation teams, clinics, advocacy groups, and more. They all have difference roles, approaches, and ways of operating but it takes everyone in the community to meet the needs of our local animals. The good news is that there are a wide range of animal welfare-related activities in the St. Louis metro area and opportunities for involvement for people with a variety of interests and skills (like you!). A panel of representatives from local agencies will present their stories and answer your questions.

Investigations, Rescues, Legalities, and Legislative Issues
Here’s your chance to hear first-hand accounts from the real world of animal welfare investigations and rescues. You’ll find out how investigators work and how animal welfare agencies and the law handle violations. You’ll learn about the legal issues (how does our society define “adequate care and control” of animals?) as well as advocacy and legislation related to animal welfare.

The “People” Ingredient: Working in an Animal Welfare Organization
If you’re thinking about working or volunteering in an animal welfare agency, you’ll need a variety of important “people” skills. There are so many possibilities: you may be matching pets with new families, working with people surrendering their pets, fielding lots of questions, educating adults and kids in the community, or interacting with other agency staff. In this class, you’ll gain an overview of many of the skills you’ll need to perform a variety of tasks within animal welfare organizations. There are many joys and rewards to working in animal welfare, but some sadness, too, so we’ll share with you our ways of coping with the inevitable heart-breaking side of the business.

Animal Care Basics for Animal Welfare Workers
In this class it’s all about the animals! We’ll cover basic health considerations, including prevention measures and spay/neuter issues. Acquiring some knowledge of animal behavior is a vital key to safe handling for yourself and the animals you work with. You’ll learn about caring and feeding a variety of animals, including what to do in disaster situations to assure their safety and well-being. You’ll hear from several shelters, who’ll explain their basic animal care-taking operations. If you’re interested in working directly with animals, this class is a must!


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