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Animal Welfare Assistant Program - Testimonials

“This class is fun!  As one of the instructors, I can feel the energy when I enter the room. These students are going to put their compassion into action—giving me great hope for the future cause of animal welfare.”

- Sue Gassner
Humane Society of Missouri

“I am a long-time volunteer with a local animal rescue organization, and was curious about finding a niche to pursue as a second career.  After taking this series of classes, I have found several new avenues to explore. The individuals representing the APA of Missouri, Humane Society of Missouri and St. Louis County Animal Care and Control are very passionate, knowledgeable and honest about what it takes to work and volunteer in animal welfare. The classes individually were very compelling; the certification is a bonus.”

- Pat M., Student

“I loved the compassion of the participating organizations towards animals. I appreciated getting to know how “the system” works for animals and people.  It was an eye-opening overview providing the necessary resources to become more involved in the cause.”

-Julie P., Student

"I started taking the Animal Welfare classes because I love animals and wanted to know what I could do to help homeless cats and dogs in particular.  I had done some volunteering with a cat rescue, mainly clerical duties and some event attendance.  By the time I was midway through the program, I had increased my volunteering to include interviewing potential adopters.  Then, I started fostering kittens and cats.  When the Animal Welfare program was completed, I had already fostered and found homes for over a dozen cats, and was fostering a pregnant momma cat, who gave birth to six wonderful kittens – and then took in a 7th one that had been abandoned.

This program helped me realized that each person can make a difference.  You can’t change the world, but you can save individual animals – getting them medical care, finding them good homes and teaching them to love humans.  It is such a satisfying feeling when those little eyes look up at you as if saying “thank you!”  Give it a try!"

-Toni A., AWAP Graduate


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