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Continuing Education Zumba Class

What's New: Personal Enrichment

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Advanced K9 Nose Work: Vehicle Searches and Exterior Hides

If you and your dog loved our DogSports K9 Nosework course, you'll love the new challenges presented in these follow-up sessions. This advanced course will introduce new elements used in trials, though competition is not the goal or a requirement. Class will be held outdoors (weather permitting) and will include both exterior "hides" and vehicle searches. The trainer will also work on your ability to read your dog. These new search areas will be both challenging and more exciting for the dog and handler. Give your sniff-loving canine new skills. Prerequisite: Dogs must have successfully completed the beginning K9 Nose Work course.

Uncial Calligraphy

Uncial is a modern version of Medieval calligraphy. It is a Majuscule (capital letter) alphabet closely connected to Ireland and England. At its peak, it was used to write important manuscripts. As we study historic Uncial, we will work on a modern version for your use.

Hypertufa Planter Workshop

Students will learn the basic steps for making modern, lightweight concrete planters know as hypertufa. We will create a series of pots for indoor or outdoor use. Pots made in class will be small, but the technique can easily be expanded to create large planters or sculptures for the garden. Instructor will supply all materials needed for each student to make three to five vessels.

DIY Clean Green Body Products

In this workshop, students will use simple DIY formulas to make effective, healthy, and environmentally sustainable personal cleaning products that will save you tons of money and have you and your family sparkling clean and smelling terrific. Recipes include a sugar scrub, salt scrub, facial mask, beach hair sea spray, and bath bombs. Instructor supplies all materials and packaging for finished products for you to take home.

Parent/Child: Cupcake Decorating Fun

This is a fun morning activity for kids ages 8-12 and their parent, grandparent or favorite aunt. Get in on the cupcake craze! Lots of inspiring ideas for these fun-to-decorate-and-eat treats. You'll learn to give pizzazz to your cupcakes with fun designs for all your special summer events. You'll get great ideas for creating themed cupcakes for Father's Day, July 4th, Cardinal's baseball, and vacation themes. Parent and child each must register. Fee is per person. Bring containers to take home your finished cupcakes. At the Culinary Arts House. Park on Hartford or Hampton. Flagpole in front.

Junior Baker: Cookies Galore!

A fun activity for young bakers ages 10-14. You'll develop your baking skills and knowledge in this class, learning to make a variety of rolled, drop and bar-type cookies. After this experience, you'll be able to go home and bake your own special cookie creations for parties and special celebrations, family get-togethers, bake sales and more... The possibilities are endless. Class is a combination of demonstration and hands-on. Bring containers to take home your finished cookies.

Chill Out with Frozen Desserts

Learn to make perfect summer desserts: cool, refreshing, and full of flavor. Escape the summer heat with delicious frozen desserts including ice cream, sorbet, granita, and more (time permitting). Some are machine-churned, some are not. We'll show you application ideas with bases and flavorings for maximum variety. Sit, watch, and sample; then go home with our recipes and make them yourself! Park on Hartford or Hampton. Flagpole in front.

Let's Swing! Quick Start for New Dancers

Swing is one of the most popular dances in St. Louis because it's lively, fun, easy, and the music is great. Three short lessons is all it takes to get you started. Come try it out and see if you like it. If you're looking for a new leisure-time couple's activity, enjoyable exercise, or just a fun time out with friends, swing dancing has it all. Bring two left feet, two right feet, or one of each. Partners only. Fee is per person. Dress shoes recommended. No tennis shoes.

Hot and Spicy Salsa for Beginners

It's fun, it's social, it's Salsa and we'll have you out on the floor in no time! You'll learn the Salsa rhythm, steps, footwork, and styling, plus lead and follow techniques. Join the Latin club scene or be the first one on the floor at parties. Get an impressive edge that will give you the confidence you're looking for. Partner required.

Greening Healthcare-What Goes In Must Come Out-Creating Sustainable Supply Chains and Waste Streams

There are many opportunities for increasing sustainability of healthcare environments ranging from green building to greening facility operations, administrative practices, supply chain, and cafeterias. This course will discuss the triple bottom line approach to greening supply chain, waste streams, and cafeterias. With the uniqueness of each healthcare facility and environments varying from administrative offices to sterile medical spaces, come specific challenges in creating sustainable environments. The course will shed light on challenges in greening supply chains, waste streams, and food in a variety of healthcare environments. Providing proof that a sustainability initiative was successful will help healthcare leadership buy into expanding the program or trying new sustainability efforts. Simple Evidence Based Design practices will help show the value of a piloted sustainability program through measurable results. How-to critical thinking exercises will help prepare attendees to bring sustainability into their line of work. This course is intended for a broad audience ranging from healthcare administrators and practitioners to facilities employees and healthcare design professionals.

Mixed Media Artworks

This is a chance to try out a variety of art disciplines-from painting to sculpture, from bookmaking to printmaking. Emphasis will be on combining techniques into artworks. Each week we will be experimenting with a different medium. The last four weeks of class, students will be able to work on a personal project combining mediums of their choice. We will cover basic drawing techniques, charcoal, pastels, alternative painting such as spray paint airbrush, printmaking, layering and masking, Sumi-e ink paintings and various watercolor techniques, collage in text, artifacts, images, and impromptu group collages. 2D and 3D, and bookmaking in various styles to be combined with students art.

Problem Spots in Your Yard: Growing Plants in Difficult Places

Do you have difficulty growing plants under the trees in your yard? Have you given up on what to do about your pet's well-worn pathways and those urine soaked areas? There are many challenges to our efforts to grow plants successfully in our yards. Come discover creative solutions for a wide variety of problem spots. Bring your Q&A challenges for our expert.

Herbicides, Insecticides and Fertilizers, Oh My!

When applying chemicals to your lawn and garden, you want to maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative. It's not too difficult if you start with the right types of products for your projects and understand what you're working with. Important safety information and reading labels will also be covered. For those interested in choosing an organic approach and avoiding chemicals altogether, we'll cover how to do that, too! Come join the discussion and bring your questions.

Hot Summer Heat: Keeping Your Yard and Garden Alive

Keeping your yard and garden flourishing throughout a typical St. Louis summer is a challenge for all of us. In May and June our yards are lush and green, our gardens are blooming; then comes July and August with their intense sun and drought conditions. Join us as our gardening expert discusses how to keep your plants and turf less stressed in our Midwest heat, humidity, water (lack of) and soils. Also, she'll talk about plants that like it here and do well in our area.

Small Native Trees and Shrubs for Yards

Do you have a location in your yard that is just too small for a large tree, but would like to plant something native to Missouri? Join Mike Walsh, Forestry Programs Manager with Forest ReLeaf of MO to learn all about some great options for your yard. We will look at and discuss what native trees and shrubs are suitable for planting in small spaces, where to find them, and how to take care of them. Offered in cooperation with ForestReleaf of Missouri.

Introduction to the Culture of Mexico

What do you know about culture of Mexico? Explore the grandeur of activities and ways of life that are unique to the Mexican society including history, customs, traditions, celebrations and food. Taught by a native Spanish language instructor and former tour guide, get introduced to why the people cook with milk, why the country celebrates and offers gifts to the spirits, the role of religion, holiday festivals and more.

Cave and Cavern Explorations

Your first step will be in the classroom learning about the mysterious underground world of caves. Discover interesting insights into their origin, cave life, mineral formations and other geographical features, and cave ecology. Historical notes, such as cave discoveries, cave art, cave homes, mining and other uses of caves, as well as health/safety/legal issues and man's effects on caves will also be included. The class will finish with a field trip to a cave (provide own transportation). Your instructor-tour guide has 12 years experience leading cave tours and has personally visited over 40 caves throughout the U.S. Appropriate attire for field trip will be discussed in class. Possible additional fee for cave tour payable on site.

What the New Tax Changes Mean for You

The newly signed American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 changes certain tax rates and exemptions for some -- but it adds a measure of "permanency" for all. Attend this course to learn how this new legislation impacts you and how you might take advantage of its opportunities to help achieve your financial goals and help protect your retirement, your family and your wealth. We will discuss the impact of the new law on important tax rates, exemptions and planning options and its effect on individuals at various levels of income and net worth. We will also review the types of retirement and legacy planning strategies you might consider to avoid a "personal fiscal cliff".

Retirement Planning Course: The Principles of Conservative Investing

A comprehensive personal finance course designed for those in the early stages of retirement or those about to retire. This course will walk you through difficult retirement decisions such as asset allocation, income planning and pitfalls to avoid. Course is based on recent academic research. You will receive financial tools to help you better understand risk, taxes, budgeting and estate planning. Who should attend? Individuals and couples between the ages of 55 and 75 that are looking for the answers to "What to do now?", those concerned about our financial markets and want to prepare for the "next" recession, conservative investors looking for guidance based on academic research.

Consumed by Clutter-Kitchen Edition

If you or someone you love is overcome with a cluttered kitchen, there is hope. Kitchens can be especially prone to clutter. Counters become covered, cabinets filled, and so much more! Acquire and utilize strategies to organize and let go of clutter in your kitchen. Not all kitchens are the same. Students are encouraged to bring pictures, videos, or layouts of their space to help with organization plans.

Starting and Finishing: A Writer's Dilemma

For a writer, it's rarely the middle part of a project that presents a challenge; it's beginning and/or wrapping up the particular work. In this course, we'll focus on methods that will motivate us to put the finishing-or beginning-touches on any writing project that's begging for completion. Often it's a matter of harnessing the inspiration that got you going in the first place. This class will show frustrated writers the way to complete the puzzle. This class will help you find the necessary balance between inspiration and perspiration. You are encouraged to bring in a work-in-progress that's "just sitting there." You will need to make copies of your work to share.

Writing Basics Brush-up (What You Should Have Learned in High School!)

Few of us will admit it, but even the best writers can't always remember the difference between "affect" and "effect" or the correct use of semi-colons. If you sometimes struggle with the basics in your personal or professional writing, come join us. You'll brush up on proofreading, grammar, sentence structure, word usage, spelling and punctuation. Review the basics and you'll be able to edit your work like a pro.

How to Get Published Online-A One-day Seminar

Do you have a short story, essay or poem that you want to see published? The dynamic growth and popularity of online magazines in recent years means more opportunities for writers to build credibility and exposure. But how do you know where to submit your work and what publications are legitimate? This short seminar, given by the editor of a popular online magazine, will help you determine which online resources will work best for your creative project. The topics will include researching markets, writing query and cover letters, and how to submit and format your work for online publication. Make 2013 the year you get a byline!