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General Information

Enrollment in Continuing Education classes within the brochure and web pages (except for youth and family classes) is limited to persons 16 years or older.

Library and Computer Lab Privileges

If you are registered in continuing education courses, you may enjoy library and computer lab privileges by showing your student I.D. To obtain a student I.D., take your paid fee receipt to the Student Life office and the personnel there will provide you with one.

Postponement or Cancellation of Classes Due to Inclement Weather

Occasionally, continuing education classes are canceled due to inclement weather. Cancellations will be broadcast on KMOX-AM (1120) and on KMOV-TV, KSDK-TV, and KTVI/FOX 2. When St. Louis Community College cancels classes, off-campus classes are also cancelled. In addition, when a particular host school district or institution closes the continuing education classes at that location will not meet.

Unattended Children

Students are not permitted to bring children to class, nor should students leave children unattended in the halls, offices, library or common areas. The college reserves the right to protect the safety and welfare of unattended children. If students leave children unattended, the college will take disciplinary action.

Firearms on College Property

Except for licensed police officers, no person shall possess or carry any firearm, visible or concealed, on college property (including college buildings and grounds leased or owned by the college -- college athletic fields and parking lots) or in any college van or vehicle or at college-sponsored activities. College employees, students and visitors who hold concealed carry endorsements as allowed by Missouri law may not carry or bring any firearms, visible or concealed, on college property, owned or leased, or at any college activities.

The College Can Assume No Liabilities

The college can assume no liabilities for injuries or for the aggravation of an individual’s existing medical condition that may be incurred in connection with its on- and off-campus course offerings. Although accidents rarely occur, those participating in sports and recreational events in particular should have their own insurance or be aware that expenses for any medical treatment or care must be borne by the individual student. Students engaging in dance, sports or recreational type activities should understand that a physical activity of this type is potentially hazardous. It is strongly recommended if a participant is of an age, has a medical condition, or leads a sedentary lifestyle that may affect health due to participation in this activity, that they receive a complete physical examination before a program’s start.


Textbooks are generally available through campus bookstores. You also may order from the bookstore online. Visit the college website at www.stlcc.edu/Student_Resources/Bookstores.html. Click on the link to student resources and then the link to the bookstores. Choose the website for the campus through which the course you are taking is offered.

Accommodations Statement

At St. Louis Community College, we make every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities. If you have accommodation needs due to a disability, please call the Continuing Education office at least two weeks before the beginning of the class you will be taking. Documentation of the disability may be required.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

As a continuing education student, you are responsible for adhering to college policies and procedures. If you would like to receive a copy of the Fact Finder Handbook, which includes students’ rights and responsibilities, please call the Continuing Education office.

Using the Interactive Class Schedule

You can now view the continuing education class schedule three ways. Explore our classes with our new class portal, download a pdf of the current catalog, or use the traditional Interactive Class Schedule.