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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing basics as required by Board Policy / Division H

  1.  All purchases must start with a requisition entered into the Banner system.
  2. Requisitions must have approval from the originating department as well as the business office before being converted to a purchase order (PO).
  3. A purchase order number must be obtained prior to any purchase transaction.
  4. The purchase order document, not the requisition number, must be provided to the respective vendor at the initiation of a purchase transaction.


  1. How do I gain access to Banner to enter requisitions?
    Your manager must request access on your behalf by completing a Banner Authorization Form, which can be found online.

    1. Go to http://collegeweb.stlcc.edu
    2. Click on the Information Technology link, which will take you to the Technology Services page. Choose Services on the top left of the page.
    3. Look at the Submit a Ticket column on the top right of the page, then select Banner.
    4. When the Banner page comes up, select Banner Access Request, located on the top right. Then select Banner Authorization Form, which is near the middle of the page. The online form that needs to be completed will populate.
  2. How do I set up a new vendor?
    Request a W-9 form from the vendor to submit to purchasing to be processed. The form can be sent to purchasing@stlcc.edu. Individuals and entities must use the W-9 form to provide a taxpayer
    identification number to entities that will pay income during the tax year.
  3. Do I have to enter a requisition to issue a payment?
    Yes, a requisition is an authorization document that is created in Banner via screen FPAREQN by the purchaser for goods and services required by the department.
  4. Why does it take time for a requisition to be approved and converted to a purchase order?
    The requisition has to go through two levels of approval: with the department and with the business office or general accounting. If a compliance issue is discovered, then the requisition is denied and is returned to an open status. (Check Banner Messages)

purchase orders

  1. What happens once a requisition is approved?
    After the requisition is approved, it’s converted to a purchase order or bid. If converted to a bid, once the bid process is complete, the requisition will be converted to a purchase order. Processing a
    purchase order in Banner in advance of the purchase encumbers funds and ensures that the required funding is available.
  2. What happens to a purchase order after it’s generated?
    The purchase order is forwarded via U.S. Mail to the vendor for processing, unless requested otherwise. When a vendor accepts a purchase order, a legally binding contract is formed between the
    two parties. In addition, the buyer should always clearly and explicitly communicate their requests to the seller so there is no confusion when the purchase order is received.

Invoice and payments

  1. Why does a requisition have to be bid when the vendor is on contract?
    This happens when the products and services being ordered are NOT the items that are on the vendor’s contract.
  2. How do I check the status or progress of a requisition, purchase order, invoice and payment?
    FOIDOCH is the document history screen that is used to check the status or progress.
  3. Where do I look to find whether a document is waiting for approval?
    FOAAINP is the screen to find whether a
    document is waiting for approval.
  4. I know that the requisition was converted to a purchase order and we should have an invoice from the company. Why hasn’t
    a payment been made, or the full amount was not paid?

    There are many reasons why a payment may not
    be submitted, including, but not limited to:
    1. The invoice received doesn’t reference a purchase order number.
    2. The invoice references a purchase order for a different vendor.
    3. The items on the purchase order are different than the items on the invoice.
    4. There isn’t a record of the order in Banner.
      invoice and payments

Why the requisition to purchase order process is required

  1. A purchase order provides terms, conditions and instructions for vendors.
  2. If an invoice does not reference a purchase order number, the accounts payable department must search for and/or contact the originator of the transaction to confirm details before payment can be issued, which could lead to a delay of up to several weeks.
  3. Purchase transactions that fail to follow the proper requisition process cause unanticipated budget deficits because funds were not encumbered prior to purchase.


Purchasing and Accounts Payable Team

Anishika Spann
Procurement Administrator

  • Purchasing Card (P-Card) System Help Desk
  • Management of Office Depot and E-payables
  • Buyer responsibilities

Olivia Anderson
Purchasing Coordinator

  • Purchase order distribution
  • Change orders
  • Purchasing Help Desk
  • P-Card and Office Depot assistance
  • Bid and blanket purchase order processing
  • Maintain vendor records

Michele Hayes
Accounts Payable Clerk

KeJuan Torrence
Accounts Payable Clerk

Ke-Yonna Blocker

Accounts Payable Clerk (part-time)

  • Review and entry of all invoices and credits
  • Research and resolve internal and external inquiries concerning accounts