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St. Louis Community College solicits sealed bid proposals for a variety of goods and/or services identified below by Bid Number and Managing Coordinator/Buyer. Call the managing coordinator/buyer for additional information and/or to request a set of related bid documents. Please note that documents must be returned to the college's Purchasing department at: 300 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO, 63102, on or before bid closing date and time.

You can now click on the bid number to download a .pdf of the request.

If you have any questions for need more information, call 314-539-5225.

St. Louis Community College Vendor Registration Form.pdf

St. Louis Community College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 

Request for Bid/proposals

Bid Number Managing Coordinator/
area code (314)
Product/Services Description Closing Date/Time
B0003426 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Foundation Investment Management Services 9/04/15
B0003451 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Janitorial Automatic Dilution System/Chemicals & Floor Care 9/30/15
3 pm
B0003460 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Curriculum and Catalog Management System 9/25/15
2 pm
B0003443 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 Purchase of Free Standing, Front Loading, Laboratory Autoclave 8/26/15
3 pm
B0003448 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 Three (3) (three) In-ground Automotive Lifts 9/11/15
3 pm
B0003450 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 DLB-12 Gas Front Loading Natural Drft Kiln 9/10/15
3 pm
B0003458 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 Nugget Ice Maker & Accessories 9/04/15
3 pm
B0003440 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 EMS Products & Supplies 9/25/15
B0003456 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226  One (1) Refurbished Total Care Electric Bed & Accessories 9/23/15
3 pm
B0003459 Irma Wittendorfer 539-5226 Three (3) Convection Ovens & one (1) Dough Sheeter 9/22/15
3 pm

Addenda to bid/proposals

Bid Number Addendum Number Date Issued
Addendum#1B0003448 1 08/25/15
Addendum#1B0003458 1 08/27/15
B0003450 1 08/27/15