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Why Use Email to Request Support

The Facilities Support Team highly recommends all requestors to utilize the email system for notifying us of requests.

Using the College's email system allows our system to work for you and provide a reference number (work order number) for any future references to your request.

For those whom don't have an email account with the College, we also have handy electronic forms to process your request.

As always expect the College to use the phone service in cases of emergency or those unable to use the email system.

Instant Notification of problems You don't have delays associated with snail mail and faxing.
Legibility We have some great scribblers out there, but that doesn't help us help you. Email eliminates problems with reading your request.
Redundancy You have already written your information down on paper and sent it to us. Now we have to re-enter it....pretty silly, heh? Sending via email eliminates wasted time on repeating tasks.
Waste Using the E-mail system reduces paper waste. You use one sheet to write down then it's faxed producing another sheet. Then we generate an additional work order sheet for the manager. That's three sheets of paper per work order. Using E-mail generates only ONE that goes to the manager.
"It might have gotten lost." ...or might even have run away. It is more likely that a work request is liable to be lost due to mishandling thru the approval \ handling process or the killer fax machine than it is to be lost thru e-mail.