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Building and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds is responsible for: 

  • Moving items and delivering shipped items
  • Picking up items for surplus
  • Surplus Forms
  • Set-ups only, not room reservations
  • Housekeeping problems -- toilet paper/towels/chalk/erasers/cleaning/stripping, floors/waxing, etc.
  • Grounds -- cutting/trimming/shoveling/watering/dragging fields/etc.
  • Shampooing
  • Pest control
  • Graffiti removal 

Note: If any services require assembly, taking apart, removed from wall, etc., please contact the Facilities Support Center for assistance.

Florissant Valley

John Ferlisi, Supervisor
Phone: 314-513-4355
E-mail: jferlisi@stlcc.edu

Scott Martin, Building and Grounds Supervisor
Phone: 314-513-4355
E-mail: jsmartin@stlcc.edu

Keith Reece, Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 314-513-4536
E-mail: kreece@stlcc.edu

Jan Myers, Secretary
Phone: 314-513-4354
E-mail: jmyers@stlcc.edu

Forest Park

John Vansaghi, Manager
Phone: 314-644-9151
E-mail: jvansaghi@stlcc.edu

Dennis Kozlowski, Supervisor
Phone: 314-644-9396
E-mail: dkozlowski@stlcc.edu

Ron Elam, Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 314-644-9156

Regina Macinski, Secretary
Phone: 314-644-9153
E-mail: rmacinski@stlcc.edu


Willie Wright, Manager
Phone: 314-984-7740
E-mail: wwright@stlcc.edu

Dennis Bannister, Supervisor
Phone: 314-984-7748
E-mail: dbannister@stlcc.edu

Suzann Anders, Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 314-984-7741
E-mail: sanders@stlcc.edu

Erica McFerrin, Secretary
Phone: 314-984-7321
E-mail: emcferrin@stlcc.edu


Sam Guth, Manager
Phone: 636-422-2040
E-mail: sguth@stlcc.edu