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Faculty and Staff

Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing
STLCC - Florissant Valley
3400 Pershall Road
St. Louis, MO 63135-1408

General Information: 314-513-4307
Email: STLCCEmersonCenter@stlcc.edu
Fax: 314-513-4307

Name Position Phone
E-mail Address
Emerson Center Staff
Jean Pollard Manager ECEM/CWI 513-4605 jpollard28@stlcc.edu
Amy Sonderman Coordinator, Emerson Center 513-4307 asonderman@stlcc.edu
Steve Ehlen Engr. Tech. Ctr. Supervisor 513-4566 sehlen@stlcc.edu
Bill Hoffmann Elec. Lab Technician 513- 4312 bhoffmann@stlcc.edu
Kevin Porter Manufacturing
Lab Supervisor
513-4914 kporter@stlcc.edu
Engineering & Technology Faculty
Tom McGovern Engr.& Tech.
Dept.Chair, CAD
513-4313 tmcgovern@stlcc.edu
Cheryl Williams Engr. & Tech. Dept. Secretary 513-4308 clwilliams@stlcc.edu
Carl Fischer Mech/Manuf. 513-4322 cfischer@stlcc.edu
Terrence Freeman Engr. Science 513-4813 tfreeman@stlcc.edu
Tom McGovern Mech/Robotics 513-4313 tmcgovern@stlcc.edu
Tim Pedersen Engr. Science 513-4646 tpedersen@stlcc.edu
Amy Sherwin Mech./Engr. Sci. 513-4315 absherwin@stlcc.edu
Richard Unger Civil/Construction 513-4319 runger@stlcc.edu
Dave Kobe Electrical/Electronics 513-4814 dkobe@stlcc.edu
Tim Poelker Manufacturing 513-4996 tpoelker4@stlcc.edu