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  • Cisco Academy


Hands On

"Hands On" is the principle guiding all programs and facilities of The Center for Emerging and Advanced Information Technology (CEA-IT). Both the classrooms and additional lab facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment - from computers and servers, to switches and routers, firewall appliances, and all other physical and software components necessary for building modern network infrastructures. The equipment and software from leading network suppliers like Cisco, Microsoft, and VMWare is exactly the type you find in the workplace of leading St. Louis IT companies.

In our classrooms you will learn from "here's how to do it" lecture-demonstrations - often following along on equipment available right on your desktop. Then, working individually or in small groups, you will extend and deepen your understanding by working through real-world lab exercises using the additional class and lab room equipment.

Whether your task is network server and client installation using the latest Microsoft or Linux operating systems, or designing and implementing subnetted networks through multiple routers, or implementing vlans and other security on switches and firewalls, everything you need is physically in CEA-IT and at your fingertips.

Even for more advanced implementations such as Virtualization and Wide-Area Networks you have available the latest enterprise network devices coupled to specialized WAN simulators - all on hand for your direct use and exploration.

In today's complex, competitive IT work environment, the hiring process for network engineers will invariably include a live equipment test. Graduates of the courses and programs delivered by CEA-IT have a huge advantage when they sit down for such technical skills tests, since they have repeatedly learned and honed exactly the skills needed in the class and lab rooms - often on exactly the same equipment they sit down to test on!

Break Out

This unique flexibility and commitment to real-world infrastructure is also available in CEA-IT's supervised laboratory. Here students will have the chance to review, experiment, and complete homework assignments at their own pace on the same level of equipment used in the classroom. Work areas in this lab are arranged in clusters so that group projects, as well as individual projects, can be completed.

Physical Layer

Another room, designated as the "Physical Layer Lab" (from terminology of the Open Systems Interconnection standards), is fitted with work tables and tools to permit training and practice in network cable construction and installation along with 'case-off' tasks associated with computer and infrastructure upgrades. Esoteric tasks such as making fiber optic taps and junctions and pulling cables through existing walls, floors and ceilings are mastered here.

Networks put together in this room will use communications links constructed by the students themselves. Hardware and software troubleshooting on actual computers "bugged" for problems also occurs here.

And throughout the center, all rooms have access to each other and the outside world and are designed for teaching comprehensive, best practice network design, implementation, and maintenance.