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Plus Fifty Degree Completion Assistance

If you're one of 37 million adults from age 25 to 64 who attended college but never received a degree-or one of millions more who need a new credential for a changing job market, Plus 50 can pave the way to completion.

Completion is the key to opening new doors. Going back to school and earning your college degree or certificate paves the way to opportunities for new jobs and career advancement. We offer support and flexibility to help you reach your goals, from choosing a course of study and scheduling classes to applying for financial aid.

Contact one of our Plus 50 concierges to get started today!

Florissant Valley 314-513-4238
Forest Park 314-644-9101
Meramec 314-984-7584
Wildwood 636-422-2014

Anyone in the job market these days knows the competition is fierce, especially for older workers. It takes longer for older workers to find jobs than it does for their younger counterparts, and workers of all ages with limited education credentials have higher rates of unemployment and greater difficulty than others in finding and securing employment.

Today 40 percent of people over age 55 are remaining in the workforce, the highest rate since 1962. If you're among them and you need a job or a change in careers, earning a certificate or degree in a high-demand field will help you beat the competition.

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